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The famous British handsome chef and cooking promoter, Jamie Oliver, who was named the sexiest chef by People magazine, is going to move his mobile kitchen to Melbourne town! Melbourne will be the first stop for Jamie Oliver's "original food" to enter Australia.

Jamie Oliver is well known as the original chef. He is familiar with the use of organic ingredients and helping to change the eating habits of British schools. He turned the act of "eating" into a social activity. Jamie calls on people to "support real food", stay away from fast-food processed foods, support organic or local ingredients, and let families regain the joy of cooking.

He also got a truck converted into a "mobile kitchen" and traversed the east and west continents of the United States, stopping in towns along the way to teach people how to cook simple food.

According to Channel Nine News, the 15-meter-long Ministry of Food kitchen will hold a series of activities for 10 weeks in Princes Park, Melbourne. The activities will start on July 7, including five weeks of cooking. The course costs AUD 13.

It is reported that about 550 Melburnians are expected to get rid of their bad eating habits and begin to learn the secret recipe for cooking fresh and healthy food taught by this famous chef.

News compiled from "The Ninth News Channel"


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