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Victoria Arts Center

The Victorian Arts Centre (Arts Centre) is located in the heart of Melbourne's leisure and entertainment district and is home to Australia's major performance companies. There are night performances and guided tours every day, as well as cafes, restaurants and exhibition halls. It also holds Sunday markets and other events.

Website: www.theartscentre.com.au


Ancient House and Garden (Como)

Como is a colonial-style building located in a five-acre ancient garden overlooking the Yarra River. In the two hectares of Melbourne’s Como old house and garden, visitors can stroll on gentle lawns, flowery flowers, and pine and cypress trees. The ancient house and garden of Como is a must visit place.

Website: www.nattrust.com.au


Captain Cook's Cottage and Ferozi Gardens 

The cabin was first built in 1755 by the parents of the great British explorer Captain Cook James Cook (James and Grace Cook). Today it is located in the beautiful surroundings of Fitzroy Gardens.

Website: www.cookscottage.com.au


Crown Happy City         

The world-class Crown Entertainment Complex is located on the south bank of the Yarra River. It has a five-star hotel, many fine restaurants, casual riverside cafes, bars and nightclubs, fashion shops, various entertainment facilities and the largest in the southern hemisphere. Casino.

Website: www.crowncasino.com.au


Eureka Skydeck 88 

Looking out from the highest viewing platform in the southern hemisphere, you will be shocked by the endless scenery. Board the Eureka Skydeck 88 and experience The Edge, the world's only high-altitude suspended cabin. Your perception of Melbourne will be completely different from then on!

Website: www.eurekaskydeck.com.au


Federation Square 

Federation Square is the new square in the heart of Melbourne. The entire building complex is large in scale and has distinctive features. It creatively combines tourist attractions, cinemas, restaurants, cafes and bars. It is an ideal place for events and festivals.

Website: www.fedsquare.com


Immigration museum 

The Immigration Museum is located in the old customs building and tells the story of immigrants from all over the world who came to Victoria. Here you will see the dreams, achievements and disappointments of immigrants and their families who settled in Victoria from the XNUMXs to today.

Website: www.museumvictoria.com.au/immigrationmuseum


Melbourne Aquarium 

Do you want to be underwater but don't want to get wet? When you come to the Melbourne Aquarium, you can learn about thousands of creatures living in the Southern Ocean. In the ocean tube with a volume of 220 million liters, you can see sharks, stingrays and turtles through a glass tunnel.

Website: www.melbourneaquarium.com.au


Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) 

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is a super-large stage for Australian sports events, usually bringing exciting games to millions of cricket fans around the world. But after stepping into the stadium and participating in a guided tour of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, visitors can learn about sports history and get an unforgettable experience.

Website: www.mcg.org.au


Melbourne Museum 

It is Australia's largest and most futuristic museum. Visitors can stroll through the Living Forest Pavilion to learn about the development history of Melbourne and experience indigenous culture. When children come to the fun-filled children's museum, they can meet face-to-face with all kinds of live insects. They will definitely be fascinated by it, and perhaps even frightened.

Website: museumvictoria.com.au/melbournemuseum


Melbourne Observation Deck 

Melbourne Observation Deck is one of the tallest official buildings in the southern hemisphere. On the 55th floor, is the 253-meter-high Lieitu Tower, which provides a panoramic view of Melbourne city and surrounding areas. Tickets include 20 minutes of sightseeing and audiovisual presentations about Melbourne and Victoria.

Website: www.melbourne360rialto.com.au


Melbourne River Cruise 

Some people say that if you don't take a cruise to watch the Yarra River, you don't really have been to Melbourne. Tourists can take part in the Scenic River Gardens (Scenic River Gardens), or take part in the Port and Docklands tour to explore the historical sites.

Website: www.melbcruises.com.au


Melbourne Zoo 

The Melbourne Zoo is the oldest zoo in Australia, with a variety of animals from all over the world. Featured animals include African and Asian rainforest animals, such as gorillas and baby hippos, as well as steaming butterfly houses.

Website: www.zoo.org.au


Old Melbourne Jail        

Old Melbourne Gaol is the oldest Victorian prison in existence, originally used to hold manic and stubborn criminals. The notorious bandit Ned Kelly was hanged in this prison in 1880.

Website: www.oldmelbournegaol.com.au


Royal Botanic Garden 

The picturesque Royal Botanic Garden covers an area of ​​more than 36 hectares and exhibits more than 5 plants. It has a rich collection of species and activities throughout the year. It is known as the most exquisite garden in the world. It is one of Melbourne's most popular tourist attractions.

Website: www.rbg.vic.gov.au


Royal Exhibition 

The Royal Exhibition Hall, which was built for the 1880 Universal Exposition, is magnificent and located north of the city center. It is also a famous political symbol and was once the seat of Australia's first Federal Parliament. Today, the exhibition hall still holds exhibition activities, including flower and gardening exhibitions.


Scienceworks (Scienceworks) 

Scienceworks is an interactive science and technology museum that has won many awards. Visitors can push and pull the exhibits. Can satisfy the curiosity of all kinds of people. Through manual exhibits, guided tours, demonstrations and exhibitions, visitors can acquire a lot of scientific knowledge.

Website: www.museumvictoria.com.au/scienceworks


Martyrs' Shrine (also known as the War Memorial) 

The Shrine of Remembrance (Shrine of Remembrance) was built to commemorate the men and women who participated in and died in the First World War between 1914 and 1918. This monument attracts thousands of tourists every year, some are paying respects and condolences, some are contemplating, and some are just visiting.

Website: www.shrine.org.au


Wallerby Zoo 

Wallerby Zoo is a safari park 30 minutes' drive from Melbourne. Visitors can see animals from Africa, Asia/North America and the grasslands of Australia and stroll leisurely in their natural habitat.

Website: www.zoo.org.au

Article reprinted from Life Express


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