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Government promotes creative industries to meet future development

The state government recently announced that it will launch the first government's creative industry development strategy to promote the industry in Victoria, known as the "state of creativity".

The future development of Victoria’s creative and cultural industries, including visual arts, film and television production, literature, performance, music, design, digital games and emerging cultural fields, are all within the scope of this strategy. Experts in the creative and cultural industries and broader related industries will be invited to advise on this strategy. Starting in June, a series of forums will be held in Ballarat, Shepparton, Sale, Werribee, Frankston and Melbourne CBD.

The total output value of Victoria's creative industries reached 227 billion yuan, creating more than 20 jobs. The government has launched a creative industry development strategy, hoping to increase the industry’s contribution to the Victorian economy and create jobs. The strategy will also cultivate creative talents and strengthen Victoria's unique and diverse creative culture. While helping Victoria expand relevant audiences and markets, it also cultivates innovation awareness, innovative skills and makes full use of the latest digital technologies.

The state government conducts in-depth investigations to create a state of education

The Victorian government recently launched a request for opinions, calling on all sectors in Victoria to actively discuss the future of the education system.

The government believes that the Victorian economic structure is constantly changing, and our education system needs to be reformed accordingly. During the two-month consultation period, the government will seek opinions from students, parents, guardians, teachers, principals, school councils, and suggestions from related enterprises and social organizations. During the consultation phase, the government will also test specific indicators designed to improve the education system.

The Victorian education system is facing a series of challenges, including: too many young children’s learning progress does not meet the primary school entrance requirements; the average grade of students in some areas has not substantially improved; and there are nearly 9 students in grades 11 to 6000 each year Drop out of school; every year, 2015 students who leave middle school for training give up their studies within one year; TAFE enrollment declines and students lose opportunities to receive training. The state government allocated 16 billion yuan in education funds in the 39-XNUMX fiscal budget to repair the damage caused by the former Liberal government to the education system and lay a solid foundation for the government's plan to build an education state. For more details, please visit educationstate.education.vic.gov.au.

Well-known British information companies settled in Melbourne

The award-winning British company INK Digital recently announced the opening of its Australian headquarters in Melbourne to create highly skilled jobs in Victoria.

The decision of this creative agency from Yorkshire, UK to settle in Victoria has cemented Melbourne's position as the information and communication technology (ICT) capital of Australia. Ink Digital, which specializes in website design, email marketing, and mobile websites and applications, will employ 15 highly skilled digital professionals in its Melbourne office to support the company's UK headquarters. This enables the company to operate 24 hours a day without interruption.

Victoria’s ICT industry has an annual export value of 25 billion yuan and enjoys an increasing international reputation for continuous innovation and provision of world-class products and services. As an industry that the Victorian Labor Government is committed to developing, ICT will not only promote economic growth, but also create more high-skilled jobs in Victoria.

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