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State government is committed to improving Victorian livable conditions 

Victoria’s world-renowned tourism and large-scale events will receive strong support from the state government to consolidate Victoria’s status as an international livable city.

The state government will draft the "Victoria Tourism Economic Assessment Report", which is the first time the Victorian government has drafted a similar report in the past 20 years. In order to consolidate Victoria's status as the world's sports capital and event capital, the state government will integrate tourism and large-scale events departments, and be responsible for the development of Victoria's tourism industry and attract major events. The government's measures are expected to bring more overseas tourists to Victoria, strive for more large-scale events, and create more jobs in Melbourne and Victoria. And through a unified voice, promote Victoria's unique advantages to the world.

Victoria’s tourism industry has created more than 20 jobs and generates 200 billion yuan in economic benefits each year. However, all regions of Australia are constantly catching up with Victoria, and the development strategy put forward by Victoria in the 90s urgently needs to be updated to ensure our advantage. The 8000 million yuan allocated by the government in this year’s budget will ensure that Victoria expands its advantages in front of competitors, organizes more and larger cultural and sports events, attracts more international conferences, business people from all over the world and visits to Victoria Tourists.

State government approved real estate projects to increase significantly

Recently, the planning application for a high-end apartment hotel project in Melbourne's inner city was approved, marking that the total value of real estate projects approved by the Victorian Labour Party government after taking office has exceeded 30 billion yuan.


The number of real estate development projects approved by the Victorian Labour Party since it came to power at the end of last year is steadily increasing, and it is about to surpass the 2014 record of 40 billion Victorian real estate project approvals. The state government promised that in the process of efficiently approving real estate project applications, it will also focus on the effects of each project in improving the surrounding environment and community environment, so as to ensure the healthy development of the city.

The government will revoke overseas driving licenses for multiple violations

Starting from July 7, Victorian drivers holding overseas driving licenses and drivers driving without a license will be included in the deduction system. The state government's actions will close the loopholes in the Victorian driver's license deduction system and improve road safety.

According to the adjustment, the deduction and penalty system will apply to overseas driving license holders and unlicensed drivers. Starting from July 2015, 7, overseas driver's license holders and unlicensed drivers who have accumulated points deducted to the criteria for revocation of their driver's license will be notified that they are prohibited from driving on the road. Another change is that VicRoads will have the right to require drivers with overseas driver’s licenses to undergo a medical examination to assess whether their health is suitable for driving.

In addition to disqualifying overseas driver's license holders and unlicensed drivers from being on the road, VicRoads also has the right to deprive offenders of the right to obtain a Victorian driver's license or a student's license. The government hopes to rectify habitual violations caused by loopholes in laws and regulations, and encourage drivers to abide by traffic rules. The court appeal process related to traffic violations will also be tightened, reducing drivers' use of legal channels to delay punishment. According to the new regulations, offending drivers will need to specifically submit an application to the court in order to suspend deductions or cancel their driver’s license. For details, please visitwww.vicroads.vic.gov.au.

Congressman AndrewThe Hon. Daniel Andrews MP

Phone number: 03 8392 5763

Mailing address: 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne 3002

e-mail:[email protected]

Sina Weibo: Australian Victorian Labour Party leader Andrew



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