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State government promotes port leasing to create jobs 

The Victorian government has recently taken another important step in the process of promoting the leasing of the Port of Melbourne and investing the proceeds in the transformation of 50 level crossings in Victoria.

The government proposed the 2015 Victorian Infrastructure (Port Melbourne Lease Transaction) motion in the State Assembly. If the motion is passed, the rent paid in advance by the port leasing party will be used to establish the Victorian Transport Fund (VTF). Support the government to renovate 50 level crossings in Victoria, build the Melbourne Metro, and construct important transportation facilities such as the West Gate Bridge Diversion Project. These projects will ease traffic congestion in Victoria, improve traffic safety, and create thousands of construction jobs. The bill will also ensure that sidewalks and bicycle lanes are reserved in the port area. The government's lease plan only covers commercial operations at the port.

The Victorian and Federal Governments will retain port safety, security and environmental management. The charterer will be responsible for properly maintaining the port and improving port operation efficiency. On the premise of ensuring Victoria's AAA credit, enhance the competitiveness of the port and ensure that the future development of the port will not be restricted due to funds. The Victorian Economic Regulatory Authority will limit the annual increase in port fees not to exceed the increase in consumer prices (CPI). The state government believes that leasing the Port of Melbourne will strengthen Victoria's position as Australia's freight and logistics center. After the port lease, the state government will also obtain 15% of the total value from the federal funds for the construction of new infrastructure projects in Victoria.

The state government actively helps fruit growers expand fruit exports

The Victorian government will launch a pilot program to help fruit farmers export temperate fruits such as apples, pears, grapes and cherries to China and Thailand. The Victorian pilot program was unanimously endorsed at the Agriculture Ministers Forum (AGMIN). Affirmed the state government's call for the federal government to take more measures to support Victorian fruit farmers to enter new markets and overcome trade barriers.


The Victorian fruit industry has an output value of 24 billion yuan and employs more than 9000 people. Victoria’s fruit exports totaled 8 million yuan, more than 9400% of Australia’s total exports. Before proposing the pilot program, the Victorian government allocated 50 million yuan in the 2015-16 state budget to establish a professional trade unit to assist in trade negotiations and eliminate trade barriers. The resolutions reached at this ministerial forum also include the formulation of a national strategy to increase agricultural exports and actively promote Australia's professional, efficient and reliable national image in trade.

State regional railway project once again won important awards

With an investment of several billion yuan, the Victorian Regional Railway (RRL), launched by the Labour Government, has recently won two important awards after winning the annual project award of the Australian Infrastructure Construction Department last year.

This year, the Victorian Regional Railway Project won the 2015 Golden Quill Award for Excellent Community Relations due to good communication with the community during construction. The project also won the 2015 Australian Construction Achievement Award jointly issued by the Australian Construction Industry Association and the Engineers Association.

The Victorian Regional Railway Project is the largest transportation facility project in Victoria's history, including the construction of 90 kilometers of new railway tracks, new stations, large bridges and the renovation of two level crossings. The project has built dedicated tracks from Melbourne to Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo, which not only increases the railway capacity but also improves the reliability of railway services in these regional centers. The plan to separate regional railways from urban rails also allows the fast-growing west Melbourne to have more frequent and more reliable urban rail services. The final cost of the project is 36.5 billion yuan, which is lower than the total budget. The opening date on June 6 is also earlier than planned.

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