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If you are visiting Melbourne for the first time, you are eager to know everything about the city, you want to savor coffee, you want to drink a martini, you want to eat a different meal, you want to go shopping frantically after your trip. Then you must read this article carefully and collect it carefully. This article tells you how to spend an unforgettable three days in this great city from the perspective of an authentic Melburnian.

First Day

Good morning, Melbourne. You need to have a European coffee (7 Collins St, collinsquarter.com) inherited from Paris, France at 86:87 in the morning to wake up your cells. Welcome to Melbourne shopping mode. Emporium, a super shopping center extending from Bourke Street to Lonsdale Street, can meet your needs. This newly completed shopping center connects the busiest business district in Melbourne city. There are both Australia's first H&M and gorgeous Caravan restaurant, where the best milkshakes in Melbourne (110 Bourke St, grandtrailerpark.com.au). In short, you can eat, drink and have fun, and you can stay in it all day without getting bored. If you’re tired, you can choose to go to the darkhorse experimental artist studio (13 Franklin St, see darkhorseexperiment.com) next to it. The experience brought to you by Casey Jenkins, Australia’s most unruly artist, will definitely surprise you stay. We went to Chinatown as we walked, eating Chinese food? At least not yet, you can open a small door, walk into the Union Electric Bar (62 Heffernan La), order a cocktail of Westerly juniper berries and apple juice, and feel it in a touch of Chinese red The integration of Eastern and Western cultures. If you think the juniper berries are too hot, then cold brew coffee is best for you (XNUMX Lt Collins St, magicmountainsaloon.com.au). Always drinking, what about eating? Don't worry, don't forget that you are in the most prosperous neighborhood in Melbourne. The places to eat are next to each other. What you need to do is simple. Find one that looks pleasing to the eye, walk in, start eating, you will not be disappointed. After all, in this land boundary, the restaurant does not dare to come without two brushes. On the first day in Melbourne, you don’t need too much pressure. Just follow your heart and eat and drink. You have already begun to understand the way of life in Melbourne.


The next day

The next day in Melbourne should start with a healthy and rich breakfast. Cereal Anytime (214 Swan St, Richmond) is probably the best cereal restaurant in Australia. A cereal breakfast, a cup of fragrant tea, and a healthy day begins.If you think the cereal breakfast is too light, or if you don’t want a non-steamy breakfast, then the Feast of Merit near Cereal Anytime (117 Swan St, Richmond, feastofmerit.com) offers you another option, North African Frying Pan Egg ) Give it a try.After solving the stomach problem, we are about to rise to the ideological level. Don't forget another name of Melbourne, the capital of art.The National Gallery of Victoria (180 St Kilda Road, ngv.vic.gov.au) on the edge of the city has regular exhibitions, an absolute cultural feast.Now they are showing the "Golden Age-Treasures Exhibition of Emperor Qianlong of China". You don't have to fly to the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, and you can immediately feel the majesty of the Forbidden City.Stepping out of the gate of the National Gallery of Victoria, you are already in St Kilda, the center of Melbourne's most vibrant community. Do you want to have a glass of Australian colonial pioneers' favorite --- rum, come to Nelson (56-72) Acland St, St Kilda).Or want to try an authentic Peruvian lunch?Then Buena Vista Peruvian Kitchen is just what you want.Middle Eastern flavor, no problem, 40 Thieves & Co. congratulations on your big ride.To be more romantic, how about having lunch (78 per person, urbanadventures.com) on a cruise on the Yarra River?Or come a little taller, the French restaurant L'Hotel Gitan has prepared oysters, champagne and oysters (lhotelgitan.com.au) for you.Finally, let us end the day with a glass of Australia’s best cocktail, the super popular bar Exuberante (438 Church Street, Richmond, facebook.com/BarExuberante).The only thing you need to do is to book a seat in advance, otherwise you will have to come and come back.

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On the third day

On the third day in Melbourne, I first served a New Jersey-style bagel bagel (16 Katherine Pl, City, 5dimebagel.com.au), or went to the Craig Simon Cafe (26 Bond St, Abbotsford) for a cup of fragrant Espresso, this cafe has just been voted as the best cafe in Melbourne in 2015.Then stop by the Heide Contemporary Art Museum (7 templestowe road, Bulleen), which combines urban classics with rural art.Unknowingly it’s lunch time, right at the Heide Museum, you can order a selection of lunch by celebrity chef Shannon Bennett at Cafe Vue.On the way back to the city, you can stop for a while in Fitzroy and take a look at the works of Melbourne's local independent designers at Lupa (77 Smith St, Fitzroy, lupa.com.au). Maybe there is one that suits you.Then comes the joyful afternoon tea time, G&Tea (100 Kerr St, Fitzroy, gandtea.com.au) will definitely make you have an unforgettable afternoon tea experience.But be careful, don’t eat too much, because you have already booked dinner at Fatto Cantina. On the lovely terrace of the restaurant, enjoy the Sicilian dinner while admiring the charming lights of Melbourne at night, and finally stroll through Melbourne’s The Love Bridge (Editor's Note: The railings of this bridge are hung with various love locks by countless couples, and there is a love behind each lock) back to the city center of Melbourne.This concludes the three-day romantic trip to Melbourne.In these three days, can you feel the fresh vitality of the city of Melbourne, and the cultural atmosphere of madness to death?Every bit of this city speaks of its distinctive temperament, elegance or mystery.And you are the one who wants to tell us the answer.If you are still unfulfilled, don’t worry, here are five things you should try.

110. At Footscray, take part in a food class hosted by food expert Alan Campion. You can take a food pilgrimage for only XNUMX yuan, and taste Ethiopian, Vietnamese and Greek food by the way. (Melbournefoodtours.com)


3.8. Participate in a hip-hop yoga session in South Yarra, which is 213 kilometers away from the Royal Botanic Garden. Of course, you don’t need to wear exaggerated clothing like the hip-hop family, and then bring a gold necklace that is thicker than your finger. (YogaXNUMX.com.au)

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243. Head to the Estelle Bistro in Northcote, where you can taste the rebellious work of the rebellious talented chef Scott Pickett. Anchovies from Cantabrian are paired with Spanish and Romésco sauce, a match you would never think of in this life, but it amazes your taste buds. (XNUMX High Street, Northcote, estellebistro.com)

2000. Visit the Monash Art Gallery. This building itself is worth seeing. It is the proud work of the architect Harry Seidler. At the same time, this art gallery also contains XNUMX superb Australian photography works. (Mga.org.au)

XNUMX. After a long trip, it is a better choice to use a spa to soothe your tired body and mind. The exfoliating, massage, cleansing, pebbles shiatsu and the final Spa at the Prince Hotel will definitely relax you completely and should not be missed. (The Prince hotel, St Kilda, see aurorasparetreat.com.au)

News compiled from "Australia Net"


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