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Australia originally banned casinos. Except for horse racing, dog running, lottery and small-scale underground casinos, there are no legitimate casinos. However, Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, a small island state, lacks resources, has no large-scale industries, and has a sluggish business.

Therefore, it obtained special permission from the federal government to set up two casinos successively to attract tourists as a tourist city. Since then, the state governments have seen the Tasmanian casinos greatly increase the tax revenue of the state government, and they also intend to follow suit, but they are unknown.

From the opening of Hobart’s first casino in 1973 to the completion of the largest Sydney casino in 1997, Australia has six states and two administrative regions, with a total of XNUMX casinos, of which at least five are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

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Over the years, states have successively tried to legislate to ban gambling. Initially, after repeated debates by the ruling and opposition parties and non-governmental organizations, it finally failed to pass the hammer. However, with the change of regime and the trend of interests, after the successful "pass through" in some states, the gambling prohibition line of the states gradually collapsed. Casinos have sprung up like mushrooms.

At present, according to the geographical distribution of casinos, there are one in NSW; three in Tasmania; one in Victoria; four in Queensland; one in South Australia; one in Western Australia; one in the Capital Administrative Region; and three in the Northern Territory Administrative Region.


The following is the specific information of the major casinos in Australia. If you want to have a "gambling king" addiction, maybe you can choose to come here to gamble and enjoy it (in no particular order):

One. Canberra Casino


Canberra Casino is located in the center of Canberra, the capital of Australia, with a "small business style" style. There are blackjack, roulette, mini baccarat, bridge, "five cards", "seven cards", "manila" and so on.

The casino does not have a hotel attached, but it cooperates with a number of hotels of different specifications to "sell big packages" and entertain gamblers at a rent of about 1992 yuan per night. In November 11, Canberra Casino first opened temporarily under the guise of the National Convention Center. It was later moved to the neighboring Parkrotel Hotel in mid-1994 and used as a permanent official site.

The casino is small in scale, with XNUMX gaming tables, a slot machine hall, a golden lottery hall and two restaurants. The VIP room is dedicated to entertain gamblers. Canberra is in NSW, only a few hours' drive from Sydney.

二.悉尼星港城(Star  City)

star city front

The Star City was formerly the Harbour Casino. The current site was completed in XNUMX and renamed the Star City to promote the casino business as a comprehensive hotel and entertainment venue. The Sydney Star City is expensive, and it is said that it has consulted Chinese Fengshui experts on site selection. In addition to the main building, the casino, there are also shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Sydney Star City Casino is not far from Darling Harbour. The casino occupies an area of ​​3 hectares and has a 17-storey building. The design theme is based on the unique natural environment of Australia. The casino has 160 game tables and more than 1500 slot machines. The scale is huge, with everything you can play. There is a private gaming room for VIP services in the casino, specifically for high-rolling gamblers.

It has 172 suites of five-star luxury hotels, independent conference centers and as many as 20 new restaurants, bars and cafes. It also has a 3000-seat theater, providing first-class sound venues and stage performances; it provides more relaxed or small performances The stage provides top entertainment XNUMX hours a day. You can enjoy the excitement of betting, as well as five-star food and world-class entertainment in the restaurant.

In addition, Star City will carry out a refurbishment project of A$8.6 million. The designer in charge of the project comes from Las Vegas and will build Star City into a "world-class" entertainment venue.

three. Melbourne Crown Casino (Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex)



It integrates top entertainment venues, luxury hotels, world-class spas, as well as more than 20 brands of shopping, and gourmet food from all over the world. Its luxurious interior and high-tech facilities are especially popular.

This casino has 2500 slot machines and an astonishing 350 gaming tables. There is no doubt that this is a paradise for gamblers. The gaming tables of Crown Casino offer fast roulette, baccarat, craps, poker, blackjack and other games.

There are gambling halls and small themed gambling rooms, such as the sophisticated teak wood hall, the charming Las Vegas hall and the exquisite mahogany hall.

You can also feast on all kinds of restaurants here, sprinkle what you get from the casino in various boutiques, or watch new blockbuster movies in the theater. Crown Casino is known for providing tourists with a full range of entertainment, and it has made Melbourne the focus of international attention.

four. Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast


Jupiters Casino, an Australian tourist attraction-the Gold Coast city centre in southern Queensland. From famous shopping malls and tourist hot spots, take the free dedicated elevated monorail to reach the door of a huge building with a strange appearance. This is the largest and most prosperous Jupiter Casino before the opening of Crown Casino Melbourne and Sydney Harbour Casino.

The casino was built in 1986 and is open 24 hours a day. The entire atmosphere is quite similar to the Las Vegas Casino in the United States, extremely bustling and dazzling.


The attached hotel has more than XNUMX rooms, and has swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, gymnasiums, aerobics rooms, sauna rooms, etc. Many Hong Kong singers are often invited to the casino to sing. In addition to the gambling hall, the casino also has six restaurants, nine bars and a British club, and a large international performance hall is unique.

Fives. Cairns Reef Casino (The Reef Hotel Casino)


The Reef Casino was completed in early 1996 and is located in Cairns, a famous tourist area in northern Queensland, which is world-renowned. Therefore, tourists are like a cloud all year round, and casinos take advantage of the trend to enter, which cleverly connects sightseeing and gambling.

The casino has two floors of gambling venues and a total of four gambling halls with different styles. There is also a five-star luxury hotel; a giant tropical rainforest and a roofed park with rare trees are built on it; and a nightclub that restores the relics of New York in the 20s.

six. Brisbane Treasury Casino (Treasury Casino)


The National Treasury Casino is located in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. It is the newest third casino opened in the state and was completed in April 1995. Its decoration is quite European style, and a high-level VIP room is specially set up for gamblers. The casino has three floors of gambling venues, with 4 gaming tables and a total of XNUMX slot machines.

The casino is open 24 hours. There are five restaurants, an overnight coffee shop and seven bars. Gamblers can get free drinks and stay in luxury hotels. The original site of the Yinku Casino was the "Yinku and Land Building" in Queensland. The operator invested XNUMX million Australian dollars to transform it into a casino.

Seven. Burswood Entertainment Complex (Burswood Entertainment Complex)


Perth Burwood Casino is located on the Swan River in Perth, the capital of Western Australia. It is part of Burswood Entertainment Complex (Burswood Entertainment Complex). The moment you step into the casino, you will be infected by the active atmosphere of the casino. The bright lights and the cheering crowd make people unable to themselves.

The Burwood Casino has more than 130 gaming tables and 1100 slot machines. Both experienced gamblers and first-time gamblers will find their favorite games in Burwood Casino.

The casino updates gambling games from time to time to keep it fresh and mysterious. Its new video game items include Ultimate Drifting Sand, Gold Rush Panda, Ocean Wealth, and good shows.

In addition to electronic games, there are also traditional table games, including lucky money wheel, double currency gambling, Caribbean poker, casino wars, roulette, blackjack, etc.

Baohuo Casino is equipped with a resort-style hotel, including golf courses, tennis courts, lake-style swimming pools, gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, bicycle trails, running trails, etc. Casinos often hold some large prize-winning activities to attract a large number of tourists to patronize

Eight. Adelaide Casino


The Adelaide Casino is located in the railway station building in Adelaide, South Australia, and was transformed from a magnificent railway station. The casino opened in 1996 and is the only casino in the state and the largest entertainment and gambling venue.

The Adelaide casino is one of the top ten places in South Australia that employ the most employees. It employs 1100 employees. It can be seen that the casino is very prosperous, and its prosperous level is comparable to that of the enterprise.

The Adelaide Casino is the most elegant casino in Australia, with more than 100 gaming tables, 1000 gaming machines, several high-end bars and restaurants and other entertainment areas. It has become the most famous gaming venue in Australia, attracting hundreds of Ten thousand visitors.

The gambling games in the casino include baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean poker, casino wars, card games, fast roulette, craps, roulette, double good and so on. The Adelaide Casino is open 21 hours a day. Except for Christmas and Good Friday, it is open all year round. You can enjoy gambling here, but you must always remind yourself that there is enough.

nine. Hobart Wrest Point Casino


Qudian Casino is Australia's first legal casino and was completed in 1973. Located on the mirror-like Devin River in Hobart, Tasmanian state capital, it covers an area of ​​4.5 hectares. Not far away, the endless and picturesque Mount Wellington is vividly visible. The casino has three entertainment venues, plus luxury hotels, various restaurants and bars.

Among the hotels, Qudian Building is top-level decoration, facilities and services; Qudian Motel is a three-star standard. Tasmania is separated from Melbourne by a strait. The annual Sydney to Hobart sailing race makes this remote casino on the southernmost island of Australia crowded.

Among the gambling items, there are mini baccarat, five-card machine, coin toss, lucky wheel, etc. Its slot machines have a "cumulative winning network", in which several slot machines are connected together, and each draws a certain amount of money to accumulate a big win. If you can hit, you may win tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, there is also a special bet "teach you how to play".

ten. Christmas Island Casino (Christmas Island Casino)


Christmas Island Casino in Australia In the Indian Ocean, there is an island called "Christmas Island" that belongs to the territory of Australia and also has a casino. The island is only a XNUMX-minute flight from the Indonesian capital Jakarta; there are more flights to Jakarta than to Australia.

The casino has XNUMX tables, roulette, baccarat, thirteen cards, sic bo, giant six and so on. In addition, there are recreational activities such as diving and fishing.

Something different from other casinos is that few tourists or locals come to the casino just to visit and play, and they are generally gamblers who really want to gamble. One of the reasons is that the casino does not set a minimum bet, anyone can go to the table for a small amount of money.

eleven. Townsville Jupiters Casino (Jupiters Townsville)


The Townsville Jupiter Casino is located in Townsville in southern Queensland, overlooking the beautiful Lingtu Bay, only eight kilometers away from the magical magic island by water. This place is rich in tropical scenery, and you can also visit the world-famous Great Barrier Reef. The casino has XNUMX gaming tables. Small but complete.

Various gambling methods, such as roulette, baccarat, sic bo, blackjack, coin toss, giant six, etc., have everything, and there are also XNUMX slot machines. Every June and November, golf competitions are held there.


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