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When you give birth in October, your mother is always the greatest person in the world. However, being a mother doesn’t mean being unkempt, you still have to be beautiful anyway~ Remember the Australian supermodel Kerr, after giving birth to a baby, she is still too beautiful! In addition to active exercise, the credit of skin care products is still indispensable!

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Hot mom, hot mom, come here!

Bio-Oil Universal Oil
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Being a mother is the greatest and most proud thing, but if you are a mother, you are still a woman, and you still want beauty. This stretch mark is really difficult to deal with! Dangdang! Scars and stretch marks repairing expert Bio-Oil universal oil is here! Any skin type can be used, a weapon to return to youth! Of course, other scars besides stretch marks can also be effectively removed.

Of course, the so-called "universal oil" will not only have such an effect. Use it with face cream during the day to effectively keep you moisturized; add it to the foundation to improve the conformability of the makeup; massage on the face for half an hour at night to deeply remove the garbage in the pores and refresh your skin! If you continue to use it, you will soon notice that your face will become brighter, your whole person will feel more energetic, and your skin tone will become even!

At the same time, Bio-Oil is stillAcneGood product. Acne is easy to eliminate, but acne marks are not easy to remove; this universal oilUse it for ten weeks,canRepair more than 80% of acne marksLa, finally don’t have to go out with thick makeup every day~

This oilVery fast absorption, Will not float on the surface and will not absorb it for a long time.

When it comes to ingredients, they are all natural ingredients. Vitamin a, lavender, chamomile, vitamin E, marigold, rosemary, etc. I really want to use it when I look at it!

Let me introduce a little bit more usage:

Facial care:

Steps: cleansing-toning-Bio-Oil universal oil-sunscreen (daytime)

Massage in circular motions for 1-2 minutes until the skin is absorbed. Use it twice a day in the morning and evening, and use it continuously for 2 months. The effect is better. Any skin type can be easily held, and sensitive skin is no problem!

Body care:

You can use it after bathing or on a whim at any time

Massage gently until absorbed, such as breasts, abdomen, thighs, hands, etc.~

In addition! It can also be used as foam oil for SPA!

Finally, I would like to mention the removal of stretch marks! The earlier you start the prevention of stretch marks, the better, so you can use it for three months after pregnancy. Just do a circular massage on the abdomen, chest, thighs and buttocks twice a day!


Goat soup Goat milk oatmeal moisturizing soap
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Pure fresh goat milk from Australian farms is used as raw material, refreshing, natural and healthy!

If the baby has eczema, goat milk soap can greatly relieve it;

Moisturizes and protects the skin while cleaning the skin;

It can relieve eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis~

Goat milk soap can be usedWash your faceCan also be usedBathing, Suitable for oily skin, and most importantly, overSensitive crowd,Pregnant woman,babyYou can use it with confidence!


Swisse Cucumber Makeup Remover
Swisse Cucumber Makeup Remover uses innovative Micellar Water, which can clean the skin while maintaining skin lipids. It is soap-free, non-foaming, fragrance-free and alcohol-free, suitable for all skin types. It is not greasy at all, it is refreshing and natural.

Swisse Cucumber Makeup Remover can remove eye makeup, base makeup and cleansing at the same time! The refreshing texture gives the skin a pleasant and comfortable feeling. Pregnant women, acne skin, sensitive skin and other skin types can be used, because it is really natural! ! !

【how to use】

1. First, we have to prepare tools: cotton swabs, tissues, cotton pads, makeup remover.

2. We first fold the paper towel in half, press it under the eyelashes, and use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to brush from the root of the eyelashes, paying attention to the direction of the eyelashes.

3. Then, dip a cotton pad in an appropriate amount of makeup remover, and gently wipe on the eye makeup area for about 5 seconds.

4. Then use a cotton pad dipped in makeup remover to wipe off the makeup around the eyes. Close your eyes and slowly wipe from the bottom of the eyes to the bottom of the eyes. When you wipe the eyelids, be careful to open your eyes and look up so that you can Thoroughly remove makeup from the lower eyelid.

5. After removing the makeup on the eyebrows, it is basically equivalent to completing most of the makeup removal work, but we can also ignore the details. Moisten the makeup remover with the prepared cotton swab and carefully wipe off the remaining makeup on the eyes.

6. Finally, moisten a cotton pad with clean water (warm clean water) and wipe it carefully, then wash your face with cleanser and you're done!

[Makeup Remover Tips]

  • NO.1: Wipe repeatedly

    Repeatedly wipe the face with facial tissue until there is no pigment, because this will rub the color into the keratin of the skin, and excessive rubbing to the skin will easily cause pigmentation.

  • NO.2: Makeup remover for wet face

    Use cleansing oil or cleansing cream when the face is moist. As a result, the cleansing product will be diluted with water first, and the complete cleansing effect will not be exerted.

  • NO.3: Excessive rubbing

    In order to achieve a deep cleansing effect, excessive rubbing of the skin, especially in inflamed pimples, sometimes excessive rubbing can cause acne and other pimples due to improper makeup removal.

【brand introduction】

Swisse was founded in Melbourne, Australia in the late 50s, and is one of the pioneers of natural medicine therapy in Australia. All product raw materials are sourced from the most trusted suppliers, and do everything possible to use the highest quality natural raw materials instead of synthetic chemical ingredients. Every product, from the purchase of raw materials to the finished product, passes through at least 300 quality inspection links. Swisse's only concern when researching product formulations is quality, and never considers cost. therefore. The price of Swisse products in the Australian local market is also slightly higher than other similar products.


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