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Do you often continue with something but don’t have time to get it? From fast food to gardening equipment, and even a bunch of flowers, this team called ASAP can help you.

ASAP is a delivery service company that receives requests via SMS. All you have to do is send a request to a number, and then the ASAP team can help you complete it, of course you have to pay a small delivery fee.

Dylan Samra and Kelvin Nguyen were working in a call center at the time. They were so busy that they didn't even have time for lunch. One day they had a whim, and they had the later ASAP.

Mr. Samra said: "We want to order McDonald's... we want to eat soon. Then we thought, without going out to buy, the service through on-demand delivery would be faster." The 21-year-old young man later founded The system delivered by SMS, the service scope includes Sydney CBD, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West.

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When you first purchase the service, they will ask you to give your credit card number. After that, your details will be recorded in the company's customer file. "We have now taken orders on the app, and we have spent 8 weeks improving the app. We have spent a lot of time and effort on the system, website and service process, and continue to debug and improve it."

"The challenge now is how we can handle so many requests in a short time. We now have software that can screen these customer requests. We usually have a group of 4 people, including myself, to complete these delivery services. We will reply as soon as possible. After the general customer pays, we will complete the delivery service within 15 to 60 minutes."

Mr. Samra said that in general, most requests can be completed within 30 minutes of payment. Sometimes they also receive some strange requests, including someone who wants a live kangaroo. "Obviously we can't do it, and some people asked us to send illegal substances... We also refused. Recently some people want stones, the most common kind of stones. I don't know why they want stones, but what they want is The kind of stones picked up by the roadside.” The ASAP team charged an additional $10 delivery fee for this transaction.

These couriers, called ASAPers, deliver the things requested by these customers. The delivery fee for most transactions is $10. Mr. Samra said that the future is the era of drone delivery.

It is understood that Mr. Samra is studying business at Western Sydney University, while Mr. Nguyen is studying public relations at the University of New South Wales.


What:The ASAP application is available in Apple and Android versions. You only need to specify what you want, when you want it, and pay a small delivery fee, and there will be a dedicated person to deliver it to your door.

When:The application was developed two months ago

Where:The current delivery range includes Sydney CBD, inner west, eastern suburbs and north shore. Will expand to Parramatta and Liverpool in the next 12 months

How:Send your request via SMS to 0410 109 700 or log in to their official websiteHERE

News compiled from "Daily Telegraph"


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