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Not everyone’s feelings will last long, such as love or friendship.

Some people may never think there will be intersection, but they are destined to be the same and come together.

Some people have shared joys and sorrows, we have shared weal and woe, and they have been together for a year, two years, three years, or even longer, but they fade away...

If one day, we are far away from each other, will we all think of the past...

If one day, we have forgotten the days we spent together, at the moment we passed by, would we feel so familiar and unfamiliar?

When one day, when passing by, do you feel acquainted?

The road we have traveled left us with those yellowed memories.

Memories are always good, whether there is crying or laughing in the memory. Thinking of those friends, I would sincerely feel that there was you in my life, so good!

But the reality still cannot be changed, and some people are indeed alienated! I believe that no one will alienate anyone for no reason, and will not deliberately forget someone because of time and distance. There must be hidden things behind indifference, and those things cannot be easily forgotten. Is such a determination confusing or even misunderstanding? … In the journey of life, there will be some people who will accompany you to finish a certain road, and then they will not be related. This is the so-called passer-by.

In fact, it could have gone further, but because some people did not cherish it, they moved towards separation. If you choose a different path, you must be prepared to bear it yourself. There will be no one person who will accompany you forever!

Suddenly I found out that something always happened inadvertently, and I always understood it without knowing it. Things that you want to put down deliberately are not necessarily put down, but have already been put down inadvertently.

People sometimes don’t understand themselves or understand themselves. Sometimes I always think: I have to forget and forget those unnecessary people or things, but I can’t let go or forget, but my heart is even more tired.

When inadvertently, perhaps when you are really tired, look back. It turns out that there is a limit to what you can remember. If you have been painful or tired, perhaps you have forgotten on purpose.

One year spent similar, each year is different.

Time is changing, and people are changing too! Growing up, there will always be so many things that make people happy and worry people.

Life can’t say what it is, you can only say what it is like... Don’t care about the things that you shouldn’t care about, even if you can’t forget, just get used to it-let yourself hide deeply.

Time can make people forget a lot of things, but some are deeply remembered when they want to forget.

The happiness of the past is the pain of the present, the yesterday that cannot be returned, the past that cannot be returned.

There is a huge sea of ​​people, and we don’t know the direction at the moment when we bow our heads; when we want to divide all the things in the left hand into the right hand, we find that the right hand is more painful than the left hand;

There are things that we can’t forget when we want to forget them, and we can’t remember them again when we don’t want to forget; some people leave us when we decide to get along well and cherish them;

The water in the palm of the hand, I want to hold it tightly, but it drains from the fingers; many things are too late to prepare, so unprepared, so many people-if it is too late to cherish, it is gone...

Some people, no longer meet, just disappear from your world.

And some people are still clear. I have said everything I want to say.

The rest is just let it pile up, close it, and then be silent.

I think we still don't know how to do it right.

We walk in our lives, see different landscapes, encounter different strangers, some people just meet, and we look at each other once in a hurried journey.

No words are needed, and the plot is ignored; some people will stay in their hearts for some time to bring warmth to each other. That is the most beautiful kind of encounter, which is left for the rest of my life to keep thinking of...

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