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Thousands of Australians neutralized the latest private health insurance price increase by saving hundreds of dollars on insurance premiums.

The power of the people has won once again-this time, the consumer group One Big Switch (OBS) has won a more favorable private medical insurance price for consumers, as long as people sign up before July 7, they can enjoy the discount.

The Big Health Insurance Switch event is bargaining with one of Australia's largest insurance providers and is only applicable to consumers who join the event.

Consumers who change hospital insurance and additional insurance providers before June 6 can save hundreds of yuan.

OBS spokesperson Joel Gibson said consumers are still paying exorbitant prices for private health insurance and action must be taken. "Families who have paid too high a price for private health insurance should make the most of the opportunity before the opportunity slips away." He said, "We are now expanding the range of discounts. Anyone who joins One Big Switch before June 6 Can enjoy."

The federal government has implemented an average 4% increase in private health insurance prices since April 1, which has dealt a heavy blow to consumers.

If consumers join this group purchase before the end of the month, they will get the following benefits:

· 300 yuan eftpos card for family package and couple package

·Single-parent family package can get 200 yuan eftpos card

·Single person package can get 100 yuan eftpos card

*If the consumer accepts the group purchase offer, the Australian News Corporation and One Big Switch that organized the group purchase will receive a commission.

News compiled from "News Australia"


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