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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Melbourne has become the fastest growing city in Australia, and will surpass Sydney to become the largest city in 2056.

Victoria surpassed Western Australia to become the state with the fastest population growth in the country.

统计局的最新数据显示2014年维州人口增长了101,500人,而墨尔本增长了95,600人。维州的人口增长率为1.8%,超过西澳的1.6%和新州和昆州的1.4%,而1.4%就是澳洲人口平均增长率。南澳增长了0.9%,塔州0.3%, 北领地0.4%而首都领地增长了1.1%。


The figures show that Victoria has attracted the most domestic immigrants from Australia. In 2014, Victoria attracted 9340 net immigrants from other states. Queensland had a net inflow of 5600 people, while all other states had negative numbers. The net number of people moving from NSW to other states is 5570.

South Australians are particularly fond of moving to Victoria, with a net 2100 people crossing state boundaries last year. 2750 people moved from NSW to Victoria, and 1400 people moved from Western Australia to Victoria.

同期公布的失业数据也显示维州是全国最好的州之一,每个空缺职位有4.8个失业者在找寻。这方面表现更好的唯有新州,在那里每个空缺有4.4个失业者在找寻。西澳是5.2, 昆州5.6,南澳7.5而塔州8.5.



News compiled from "Times"


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