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With the explosion of recycled milk powder cans in China to contain fake milk powder, fake dealers selling fake milk powder, online shops selling fake milk powder at ultra-low prices, in short, after all kinds of fake Australian milk powder have been exposed, a new type of fake has appeared. .

4 stages of Bellamy's milk powder turned out! Let the Australian genuine purchasing agents laugh and cry!

Of course, you can’t see anything tricky when you look directly, but all children’s shoes living in Australia know it.Bellamy only produces 1-3 baby milkpowder! ! How can 4 sections be sold! But what are those on a certain treasure? ?The merchants are really even using PS now, and they are definitely trying their best to sell!

So-called live photos

Moreover, the online store also posted pictures of stores in Australia, striving for fidelity! And the product introduction in the picture is clearly written"Bellamy's Organic Infant Formula Milk Powder 4 Stages Over 3 Years Old" (deleted in seconds after receiving the news) So buyers should not believe the photos. There are too many fake methods now. The photos can no longer explain anything, please polish them eye.

After that, the owner removed the product and gave the following explanation

This explanation really cannot convince the public! ! I have been shopping for 5 years and sold Australian products for 5 years. I wonder if Bellamy has 4 segments? it is ridiculous! Use Google to steal other people’s pictures for your own products? Isn't even the buyer's show made with others?

In addition, if you search online"Bellamy 4th paragraph", You will find a lot of gains!

For example, if you don’t even bother with ps, you can sell 3 pictures for 4 pictures.

Others are directly mentioned in the introduction, paragraphs 1-4

There is no official, are you really embarrassed to sell it? !This harms other people's babies and also the future of the motherland!

Anyway, milk powder has become the big fat meat in the eyes of fraud gangs. For example, the cow pen in the Netherlands has never been seen in Australian supermarkets, and there will be businesses writing Australian direct mail!

And sales records,
Also drunk! Please keep your eyes open and choose reliable purchasing agents!

Article reproduced from Melbourne Colorful Beauty


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