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If you are eagerly looking forward to the 189 visa approval within this fiscal year, you may have to wait a little longer! When some applicants called the Immigration Bureau to inquire about the progress of the trial, the visa officers clearly informed that the Immigration Bureau will not approve any 189 visa applications in this fiscal year because the visa quota has been used up.

As the number of 189 visas approved in the past few weeks has decreased (rare or no), there is speculation that the quota for this visa has been exhausted. Some netizens even said that he had talked to an immigration officer (perhaps a visa officer) and was told that “this type of visa has been stopped and no more applications will be approved. During this time, only visa applications will be processed, if the applicant meets the requirements , The visa will be obtained after July.” Unfortunately, there is no news on the Immigration Bureau website indicating that the 7 visa quota is full. There is no doubt that if the Immigration Bureau issued relevant notices on its website, instead of letting people guess and call the service hotline to ask about the situation, things would be simpler.

移民局的邮件,已经明确确认在2015年7月1日之前不会发放任何189签证! 但是会照旧审理所有已经递交的申请,直到7月1日开放新的配额!

The message center means:

Your 189 visa application is about to be processed, so there is no need to provide any more documents.

Please refer to the following and please rest assured that we will complete the trial as soon as possible.

The immigration plan stipulates the maximum number of visas that can be approved for each category. The 189 visa application is processed in accordance with the designated quota in the immigration plan. Immigration quota takes precedence over our promised customer service standard time, which means we need to stop issuing visas once the immigration quota is reached!

In the 2014-2015 fiscal year, there is little left for the 189 visa quota in the immigration plan. This means that the processing time for the visa will be extended, and once the remaining quota is used up, the immigration bureau will no longer approve the visa this fiscal year.

Since the immigration quota involves all visa applications, including those that have entered the final processing stage, I cannot tell you when the processing may be completed.

At the same time, it is recommended that you always pay attention to the Immigration Bureau's website (www.immi.gov.au) for updates on the progress of the trial, or some changes in the general skilled immigration program, which may affect your application.

Article reproduced from Impressions of Sydney


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