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According to "Daily Mail", with the arrival of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival on June 6, thousands of small animals are being brutally slaughtered.

Although the Chinese government stated that since last year, the people severely condemned the cruelty and inhumanity of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival,Therefore this cruel tradition has been banned.

However, according to a recent secret investigation conducted by the International Humanitarian Society (HSI), the locals still brought tens of thousands of small animals from various places before the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.Many small animals were obviously stolen, because they still had the original owner's collar around their necks.

The animal rights protection organization told Daily Mail that many small animals died during the long journey due to hunger, dehydration or the bumpy journey. The surviving small animals are even more miserable, and they will all be beaten to death; the more cruel ones will directly tear their necks and be illegally slaughtered.

Although local guarantees that such inhumane festivals have been banned, Peter Li of the International Humanitarian Association found hundreds of puppies that had been slaughtered recently, cruelly nailed to long sticks. And those kittens were all squeezed into a very small cage, there was no room to breathe.

Some small animals have been seriously injured and can't stand up at all. Some of them broke their legs from the long journey, and some had serious wounds everywhere.

During the investigation, Mr. Li discovered that the local slaughterhouse was required to slaughter small animals only at night, and there was no word "dog meat" on the restaurant's menu, so they were able to conceal the true situation of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

"Although the local government stated that the Yulin Dog Meat Festival is banned, it is clear that small animals are still being slaughtered."

"The local government of Yulin said that this kind of'festival' will never happen again, but it is obvious that this is just casual talk.'Festivals' are forbidden, but they are still eating the meat of small animals."

He also expressed great concern about the sanitary condition of the slaughterhouse. He said the taste here is simply terrible!

"This place is full of blood stains, animal organs, dead bodies and small animals strung on long sticks."

"We saw two iron cages. They were full of kittens to be killed the next day. They have experienced various food shortages, mental abuse, and illnesses during the long-distance transportation."

"Some of the kittens between them still wear collars. Obviously they were stolen."

In China, eating dog meat is completely legal, and China does not have any laws to protect the rights and interests of pets.However, the Ministry of Agriculture stipulates that all small animals need to have a "health certificate" during transportation.

Diseases generated during long-distance transportation will bring disease infections caused by humans during use.

Guangxi is the province with the most rabies cases in China. Yunlin is in the southwest of Guangxi. Between 2002 and 2006 alone, there were 338 rabies deaths in Yulin.

Mr. Li felt very uncomfortable seeing all this. He rescued two puppies and two kittens from the cage, otherwise they would be slaughtered the next day.

"I felt my heart broken when I saw this scene. A kitten was still rubbing my finger with his nose."

"Those dogs look so desperate. Their little eyes convey deep despair and fear. They are very aware of the reality that they will be slaughtered. I can't forget their expressions at that time."

"I can't help all the little animals, but I did my best to rescue two."

Positive view: refuse to eat dog (cat) meat!

_Mo Wei_:The issue is. Have a guide dog, have you ever seen a guide pig and a guide cow? Have you ever seen a search and rescue dog and a search and rescue dog? I don't stop eating dog meat but I don't agree with it. .
The lazy man with a big nervous reaction:Resolutely resist the Dog Meat Festival! ! China has a dog meat festival in Yulin! The bad habits left over from civilized society must be changed! Also eat cats! I think you guys have nothing to eat!

silk pretends that you are still there:The key is how many dogs were stolen. Shabi, why don't you eat human flesh? Enough to be at the top of the food chain

Zoey more:Don't compare dog meat with pork, duck and chicken! Anyone who has raised a dog knows that it's not food or animals! They are family members who can always accompany you, understand your words, and please you!

WhiteTree:So many dogs who eat you are basically lost. I used to watch in front of me, the dog was not far away from me, a man touched it first and took him away if he didn't bite. What do i say you do? He also asked me: This dog is yours? Shameless

One Gu Ansheng one:The pictures are all like this. Someone still says what dog lovers do. In your next life, you will try to slaughter them. If you steal a dog and abuse a cat, you won’t die.

MIUMIER-:Seeing these cats, especially the beautiful cat that was hung up, had their paws stretched out, how uncomfortable it would be. I am also a cat owner, and I feel so distressed. I regret that I can't sleep anymore! Don’t do this to these cute cats and dogs! ! !

Immature and immature are mature:The most annoying remarks are comparing dogs with chickens, ducks, pigs, cows and sheep. There are pig farms, chicken farms, duck farms, cattle herders and sheep herders, all for the purpose of egg and milk. Who has heard of a dog farm? Yes, eating dogs and stealing dogs is not against the law, because there are many people raising dogs, and there are also many wild dogs. But people don't keep dogs for food. Primitives still eat human flesh, because they don’t break the law. When the next time human cannibalism, I also said: Why can’t you eat dog meat?

Counterpoint: Eating or not eating is free, please do not interfere!

_Hello_Hehe:We Yulin people eating dog meat is a matter for you? Steal your money to buy a dog? You can catch the dog stealer, idiot. Those who like dog meat come to Yulin to eat dog meat on June 6. Welcome to eat.
Sirius_The Southern Star of Northland:You are not allowed to eat beef! ! ! The cow is a good friend of the farmer's uncle! ! Not only accompanied but also helped to cultivate the land, did you hear that! ! !

Yellow ground sunflower:Respect each other! There are ethnic minorities who don't eat pork, they don't eat it themselves, and they didn't tell you not to eat it! You do not mention eating pork in front of him, it is respect! When you eat, it is respect for him not to make trouble at your house!

Main attacker S:What's causing you guys to eat? Excuse me? What's upsetting you? What's the matter? You love dogs and cats, love chanting, and others have not interfered with you and asked you not to love. What do you care about others? Neuropathy know not! animal protection organization? What is an animal? If you want to protect, protect everything called animals.

Before the pawn_Jason:Cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, fish, shrimps and shrimps are also our good friends. Can you not eat them? Can?

Su Chang riding buckle cjl:Eating dog meat is not a crime, stealing a dog is a crime. Hope that there is a formal way of breeding, food dogs and pet dogs are separated. This is much better. Also, for some people, you love dogs for love, but others like to eat dog meat.

A Buddhist Bead 2014:Others eat or not eat dogs. Some animal protectors have no right to interfere, but those people should keep animals from suffering so much while they are alive

At that time Yueming_:Cows have cultivated the fields for a lifetime, and they must not eat beef. They are human friends. Horses are mounts. In ancient times, mounts were very important for war. Horses are also not for human friends to eat. Chickens, ducks and fish can catch bugs and eat carrion, but they are also not for human friends. There are also various kinds of vegetables. They can all photosynthesize and breathe oxygen. They are indispensable friends of mankind. They can no longer eat vegetables in the future, and refuse to eat meat and vegetables. Start with me.

President of Quanzhou Logistics:First of all, I also like keeping dogs. If you say that you want to resist, you also resist dog stealing. If you interfere with others and cannot eat because you like dogs, then I say that I think rice is not allowed to eat, and you will starve to death! I think water is cute, and you have to die of thirst. I don't understand, they eat some dog meat and care about you! You are so overbearing!

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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