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It seems that the people of Cat Village’s love for croissants only lasted for three minutes, but their enthusiasm for donuts has never diminished~ Better quality, more creativity, and more abundant supply are all good examples. That’s it~ It’s been almost a year since the editor recommended donuts to everyone last time~ There have been some donut shops that must be visited, I will tell you!

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts


Shortstop immediately had 9 followers as soon as it opened Instagram in September last year. Now there are about 16000 people who regularly come to buy their donuts. What's more, they regard reporting to the donut shop in this lane every day as themselves. The necessary itinerary! There are four kinds of donuts in the store, with holes, fillings, cake crumbs and classic French puff donuts. The editor likes the signature apple pie the most. The soft dough is stuffed with applesauce and vanilla cream. The aftertaste is endless! There will be some special products on weekends, and there will be a lot of people in line!

Address: 12 Sutherland St Melbourne, VIC 3000



Aunty Peg's


Few people know that there is a huge kitchen upstairs in Aunty Peg's~ It is in this kitchen that pastry masters Gad Assayag and Beth O'Loughlin made delicious doughnuts and sold them to various stores in Melbourne, such as everyone The familiar Archie's All Day, Three Bags Full, and even Proud Mary and Stagger Lee's can also see this donut! In short, the Bacheng with popcorn and salted caramel on the surface is theirs! And the filling is really amazing-I thought it was caramel when I bite it down, but it turned into custard in a flash!

Address: 200 Wellington Street, Collingwood

Phone: 03 9417 1333




Easey's is probably the only one in Melbourne that allows you to eat donuts in a train car on the roof. Isn’t it special~ the point is, their donuts are not bad! The freshly baked dough is filled with custard, and every bite has a double texture of alternating hot and cold. The taste changes every week~ Don't forget to wipe the cinnamon sugar and custard on the corner of your mouth after eating!

Address: 48 Easey Street, Collingwood

Phone: 03 9079 5942


All Day Donuts


It’s another restaurant that can’t wait to eat every day~ If you really can’t spare time, you should come at least from Friday to Sunday, because these three days, the masters Raph Rashid and Taco Truck, The donuts have all moved to their store in Brunswick. Every time I come here, I hate that there are too few friends who go with me-because there are many people, I can taste more flavors! Dianjun’s personal favorite flavor is Iced VoVo~ beautiful pink, sprinkled with coconut shreds and sour raspberry jam, sour and sweet balance, very good!

Address: 12 Edward Street, Brunswick

Phone: 03 8060 6664


Sweet Evelyn


The store’s traditional custard doughnuts are baked until the outermost layer turns slightly golden, and then they are stuffed with vanilla custard! If you are adventurous, the store offers passion fruit, chocolate, cinnamon, bacon and other flavors for you to choose from. You can also spend an extra 50 points to try the store’s special blueberry jam (remember, don’t use blueberries with bacon). If it’s a special day, the chefs may also customize your exclusive taste for you!

Address: 128 Union Street, Brunswick

Phone: 03 9078 3734


Chez Dré


Chez Dré, the most popular coffee and pastry shop in South Melbourne, started making donuts last week! Is it as shocked as the editor~ It is probably due to the pressure of the new European-style dessert shop Bibelot next door. In short, the store is shifting his focus from biscuits and macarons to artistic bread and baked foods, such as donuts. Their doughnuts can really be regarded as a textbook, because the partner and chef is a master with a Michelin-starred chef! The use of cream cheese and raspberry sauce makes the doughnut not only sweet~ In addition, there are vanilla and caramel flavors to choose from.

Address: 285–287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne

Phone: 03 9690 2688


Ascot Food Store


If you really want to buy their donuts, please be as early as possible~ It is so common in Ascot Food Store that they are sold out at XNUMX am! From salty Snickers, s'mores to white chocolate with dry pan, Froot Loops to crispy ring cereal milk, this store has almost all the flavors you can think of! The store also prepared a syringe for each customer, so you can experience the sweet taste into the doughnut by yourself, bite it off, and enjoy it from the inside out!

Address: 320 Ascot Vale Road, Moonee Ponds

Phone: 03 9370 2649


Dandee Donuts


This shop has been in Dandenong Market for nearly 40 years. Of course, you may have seen their gold and purple dining cars at events or festivals. These two colors are to commemorate Oakleigh Football Club. This shop was originally created by the parents of the current owner in Oakleigh's backyard! The reason why I recommend this store is because it allows you to know what classic doughnuts should look like and what they should taste like! Plenty of fillings and delicious jams are telling you that this shop is worth a try!

Address: 39 Clow Street, Dandenong Market

Phone: 03 9796 5249

The article is reproduced from Dianping-Melbourne Station, edited by "Chinatown"


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