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In Japan, there are about XNUMX millionaires who earn more than XNUMX million yen a year. The most recent issue of "PRESIDENT" biweekly sent a questionnaire to the wives of one thousand rich men, and conducted a survey on their experiences and attitudes towards life. The results showed that the reality of Japanese society was beyond everyone's expectations.

The biggest difference between Japanese rich wives and ordinary women is education. More than 59% of the wealthy wives have a college degree or above, which is about three times higher than the average degree of Japanese women. Considering their age (average age 90), this number can be said to be quite prominent. More than XNUMX% of their fathers, who are now close to XNUMX years old, are college graduates, which is four times higher than the average education level of men in that era.

Secondly, when asked whether the family in which they grew up was rich or not, two-thirds of the wealthy wives replied that they were from very rich or relatively affluent families.

There has long been a trend of social class immobilization in Japan: wealthy parents allow the next generation to get a high-quality education, and the people who get married also require the right people, mostly from the same class. As a result, the wealthy class has more and more assets.

The results of the questionnaire survey showed that many wealthy wives’ family backgrounds have a higher socio-economic status than their husbands. In the older generation, most of the wealthy wives are young ladies from wealthy families. After marrying the rich, they become housewives. They generally have the style of a hostess: good at communication, good conversation, and humor. Today, among the wealthy wives, the proportion of strong women has increased significantly.

The "May Meeting" composed of female graduates from the University of Tokyo, Japan's top university, is regarded by rich people as the best place to find a spouse, because a wife with high intelligence can help her husband in his career and increase family assets. That is to say, in Japan, no matter what era, as in the Hollywood movie "The Sparrow Turns into a Phoenix", women from the lower class are very unlikely to get married by rich men.

Regarding the life attitude of wealthy wives, the survey found that they buy real estate as soon as they have the funds and own it in the name of a company in order to avoid huge inheritance taxes. They don't have much cash on hand, and they live very economically, and they don't buy famous brands in department stores every day. It’s just that the education of children has never been stingy, because “there is a slacker at home, and one billion yen worth of assets can easily be spent within a few years.”

Really wealthy people have no interest in luxury life. They are much more interested in investing and expanding assets. Among the XNUMX millionaire wives, no one is keen to buy brand-name goods.

Obviously, economic acumen is a necessary condition for being a rich wife.

In contrast, in the nearly affluent class with an annual income of about XNUMX million yen, one-third of the people own brand-name cars and are keen on collecting antiques and fine art. Obviously, they love to pursue vanity. Rich people who often appear in the media are such people.

The conclusion of this survey is that no economically savvy women, no matter how beautiful they are, at most they can only be the lovers of rich men; to be rich men's home, instead of studying dress and makeup, it is better to improve their intelligence and study financial management.

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