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Recently, the news that all seven trapped cars of a family in Guangzhou were killed in a rainstorm shocked the whole country.

The dead rest in peace, the living are strong!

At the same time, it also makes us think about how to escape in a trapped car?

The following editor will tell you that when the windows and doors cannot be opened, the trunk is also an escape route!

Car owners are always helpless and anxious when encountering danger. In fact, when an accident occurs, we can use the car’s own escape device to escape the danger. At present, many cars have some humanized escape designs, but they are always ignored by car owners, and some car owners even don't know these escape techniques. For example, the escape tunnel in the trunk of a car, do you know? Open the trunk and there is an emergency switch on the top of the rear, which is the magic weapon for escape.

Let me introduce in detail how to escape smartly!

First enter the back row and knock down the single backrest of the rear seat.


Next, get into the trunk. If you are a taller car owner, you can find the double-row seat back unlocking button near the bottom of the rear window glass and use your feet to completely lower the rear seat.


Finally find the tail box lock core blocking cover, pry it off with a hard object such as a key, turn the white lock core clockwise, and the tail box cover will automatically pop open.


This series of designs are all mechanical devices, which can be opened even when the car is out of power, and it is not very long in use. It can be described as the best escape route in critical times.


Most vehicles that can put the rear seat down have this device, but the types of devices are not the same. Some require a key or a pointed object to open, some are corded, some are half-moon switches, and so on.


This device originated from the mandatory requirements of the U.S. automobile safety regulatory agency. In order to prevent someone from being kidnapped or accidentally trapped in the trunk of a car, all models sold in the US market need to be equipped with a trunk emergency escape switch.

More and more families in China have bought cars, and cars have long become children's big toys. It is not an isolated case that a child died by getting into the trunk naughty and buckling himself into it. Therefore, it is very important to teach children how to use the trunk to escape.

Now everyone knows this escape technique, if you have a car, you can try this escape method now! If you don’t have a car, please reprint it. Your reprint will benefit more people. Reprinting is also a virtue!

Article reprinted from Xiamen Evening News


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