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There was a friend who couldn't open the door when the remote control key was out of power, so he rushed to find someone for help. Asking carefully, she had never discovered that a mechanical key was "hidden" in the remote control key she used every day! The car blind is a bit more extreme, but have you fully explored the hidden functions on the key? Sometimes, it will give you great convenience.

1. Turn off the car windows after turning off

Intimate degree: ★★★★★

After I stopped the engine and turned off, I found that I had forgotten to close the windows. I used to have to re-ignite, close the windows, and then turn off the engine. I was annoyed that it would wear out the engine. Once a friend saw it and was jokes by him: It turns out that long-pressing the close button on the remote control key can close the window! This function may be equipped even on an ordinary family sedan with a price of XNUMX yuan. In some cars, as long as the remote control lock function is used, all the windows will automatically rise and close. Do you have a car? Just try and you will find out.

2. Find a car in the parking lot

Intimate degree: ★★★★

Some car keys have a red horn-shaped button. Have you ever studied what it is for? Once I went to a 4S shop to repair a car. When I picked up the car, the maintenance consultant took the key and pressed the button as soon as I left the house. My car screamed in a corner of the parking lot. The help function allows the car to continue honking the horn to attract the attention of others when it is suspected that a bad person is approaching. However, once I used it to find a car after get off work in the middle of the night, I was shocked: In the silent underground garage, the sound of this horn was indeed annoying.

3. Automatically open the trunk

Intimate degree: ★★★★

There is a button for opening the trunk on the remote control key of the car. If you happen to be shopping in the supermarket and you have a large bag of things in your hand-have you tried it? In fact, long press the trunk unlock button (some cars are double-clicked) , The trunk will automatically pop open! Many German cars have this feature.

4. Open the window remotely

Intimate degree: ★★★

This feature is particularly useful in the current season: how hot the cabin is under the scorching sun! If you can find a cool place near the car, let the car windows open to dissipate heat before getting in the car! Of course, some luxury models have the function of remotely starting the engine and even the air conditioner-don't be discouraged, your ordinary family car may be fine too. Give it a try. If you press and hold the unlock button for a few seconds, will the four windows open together?

These settings make you more secure:

My friend’s car does not have an automatic lock function. When the second time was waiting for a red light, someone knocked on the cab window, and my friend opened the window. At this moment, another person opened the passenger's car door, took her bag and escaped. When she reacted, the two had disappeared in the crowd...

1. Only open the cab door

Intimate degree: ★★★★

In some cars (like Volkswagen's Sagitar and Magotan), pressing the remote key to open the door will only open the cab door; pressing twice will open all 4 doors. Some cars do not have such a setting at the factory, but consult your 4S shop, you can also adjust this function. In this way, there is no automatic lock function, but also can ensure the safety of your co-pilot and the property in the back seat. Especially for female car owners, with this feature, in remote parking lots, it can prevent criminals from catching up with the car from the co-pilot or the back seat.

2. Child safety lock

Intimate degree: ★★★★★

The automatic locking and the locking of the door on the driver’s seat still have unsafe factors for active children: After locking, if you pull the door twice or accidentally touch a specific switch on the door, the door remains Can be opened inside. If you are going out with young children, it is best to use a child safety lock-it is mostly located on the back door of the car, and some require your mechanical key to lock it. The door is locked so that it cannot be opened from the inside; while you outside the car, you can open the door with one pull, which is convenient for taking care of the child at any time.

3. Trunk escape switch

Intimate degree: ★★★★

Although the probability of using it is very low, since it has this function, it is necessary to understand: in case of a car falling into the water, a fire, or a car accident, and the car door cannot be opened, there will be an escape route. It is usually located next to the lock cylinder in the trunk. Some cars have an obvious handle, and some cars may be blocked. You have to look carefully to find it.

These settings make you more comfortable:

In the car, there are some user-friendly settings, which are not very useful. But knowing and using it will make you more comfortable driving.

1. Anti-glare rearview mirror

Intimate degree: ★★★

Driving at night, I hate driving the high beams of the car behind, so that I can't see the road ahead. Anti-glare rearview mirrors are not only available on high-end cars. Many mid-level cars actually have this function, but they have to be manually: there is a small paddle under the rearview mirror, dial it manually to turn on the anti-glare function of the rearview mirror.

2. The sun visor can be used sideways

Intimate degree: ★★★

Everyone will definitely use sun visors. However, have you noticed that one foot of the sun visor can be pulled out and turned sideways? When the sun comes in from the side window, you can rotate the sun visor to block the sun!

3. The height of the seat belt is adjustable

Intimate degree: ★★★★

The one who found this function in my car is the child who loves to fumble around in the back seat. Before, I was wearing a seat belt, and I always felt a little strangling my neck. One day while driving the car, the little guy fumbled around in the back seat, and suddenly heard a click, and the seat belt suddenly dropped to the shoulder-it turned out that there was a seat belt height adjustment device just inside the B-pillar. A short person like me, adjusted to the lowest point, is much more comfortable than before.

Reminder: Not all vehicles have the devices described in this article, and the locations and opening methods of the devices are different for different models. However, when you have time, you might as well search and test it carefully in your car-be prepared for it, maybe it will play a big role when it is!

Article reproduced from the car god list


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