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Editor's note: As for Australians, they like strikes. In all industries, as long as they are dissatisfied with wages or benefits, employees will quit. Even educating gardeners and noble university teachers who we all agree to be responsible will strike. Do you guys remember the recent Australian customs strike? Yes, the strikers have sold their cuteness to the customs. This really hurts those of us who are anxious and eager to return to China. Let's take a look at the specific content of the upcoming July 7 strike.

According to the official website of the Australian Immigration Service, the general strike will be launched again on July 7. In fact, since June 1th, there have been irregular strikes by Border Protection staff. June 6 must be a day of suffering for many passengers. Because Melbourne customs staff went to Town Hall to protest. In the absence of staff, the interior of Melbourne Airport is chaotic and the queue is long. Many passengers have experienced the longest time to go through formalities. One wave has not settled, another wave will start again, and on July 15, the strike will begin again.

Therefore, I would like to remind my friends that you must arrive at the airport earlier than usual when you travel on July 7. Because of the delay of the strike, it is really hard to imagine.

However, we can talk more about the airport strike. Coincidentally, don't think that only Aussie will strike. Chile, across the Pacific Ocean, actually went on strike last month. Although the Chilean customs strike has ended after May 5, it has caused immeasurable losses in Chile's export trade, and many industries have been affected. Compared with the request of Australian customs workers to increase wages, the request of Chilean customs workers to increase jobs by the workers' association is not so excessive. However, the request was rejected by the workers' association. Only then began the 20-day strike.

In addition, in April this year, the French National Officials’ Autonomous Union and the Spanish Postal Union also had several strikes, which severely affected cross-border parcel delivery. It seems that it is not only the Australian customs staff who are dissatisfied with their own situation. This problem is the so-called "globalization"!

"Chinatown" intern reporter Yao Meng


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