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According to the "Times" report, the next time you take a train, tram or bus, pay attention to the old women or the shabby teenagers around you. They may be "spy".

Melbourne public transport operators are recruiting a group of paid brokers to ride the city’s trains, trams and buses to report errors and strange behavior of passengers.

Recently, Melbourne Rail Transit, Yarra tram and bus operator Transdev have appointed contractors to send plainclothes "mysterious passengers".

In October last year, Melbourne Rail Transit began to allow brokers to provide services based on a customized questionnaire on the iPad. They test the knowledge of the staff at the ticket office to ensure the staff's institutionalized services and the garbage situation at the station. A rail transit spokeswoman said that currently, the platform announcement is being evaluated for structure, clarity, time, content and tone.

The project focused on the construction of 81 high-quality railway stations, but workers also had to board the train to check the quality of electronic displays and broadcasting.

Rail Transit also said that they will hire an independent research company to run the program, but will not disclose the company's name and commissions.

The results of these questionnaires are used to help improve the consistency of passenger service, but only the company knows about it and does not make public.

A Transdev spokeswoman said the bus company currently owns more than 500 buses in the Melbourne city. In October last year, the company contacted a market intelligence company to dispatch several mysterious passengers on various car routes.

Employees use the writing board to complete the questionnaire, which includes when they arrive at the station (whether the vehicle is clean, whether they are on time, etc.), when the vehicle enters the station (whether it is punctual, whether the driver greets them), and the condition of the vehicle (whether clean or not, whether there are graffiti) , The ride process (whether there is a reminder of the station, whether the driver helps the passengers in special needs), the ride is over (station conditions, etc.). We also designed a series of scenarios to test the driver's knowledge of laws and regulations (whether you can bring a wheelchair or bicycle on the bus), ticket prices (whether passengers need to recharge) and give passengers directions (where to get off to XXX, etc.).

"Mysterious passengers will also show the'red flag' first, and then immediately stop the graffiti that destroys the platform."

A Transdev spokeswoman said that in some cases, mysterious passengers would also use mobile phones to take pictures, such as the driver helping the disabled get on the bus.

A Yarra tram company spokesperson said that in the past few months, the company has been trying out "mystery monitors" to monitor all aspects of the tram network, including the appearance of the tram station, the appearance of the tram, and the effective information on the tram for passengers. These inspectors will not wear casual clothes, but they will not be discovered by the public or tram staff.

A spokesperson for the Victorian Department of Public Transport said that the department has been in contact with all mystery passengers for many years and will usually assess their staff knowledge and customer experience after the implementation of new initiatives, such as Myki ticketing system, free CBD tram zones and Zone1 and Zone2 Issues such as fare adjustments.

News compiled from "Times"


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