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According to a 2014 Australian Graduate Employment Outlook report published by the Australian Graduate Employment Agency, 23.4% of the Australian companies surveyed said that if there were “more suitable candidates” last year, they would hire more graduates.

The survey showed that 41% of employers said it is difficult to find and recruit graduates from specific disciplines.The shortage of graduates in computer science, accounting, electrical and computer engineering is the greatest.

Suzanne Lawless, a senior policy adviser at the Queensland Business Association, said that the association’s corporate members report that the gap between current graduates and their business needs is growing.

She said that some graduates were unable to meet and talk with customers in accordance with professional requirements and appropriate company procedures.The skills of many graduates cannot meet the specific skill needs of some industries.

"In our view, the teaching model itself needs to be improved, and we need to avoid oversupply of graduates in a certain field, and a situation that is completely incompatible with changes in the economy and business methods." She said.

The Australian Education Research Council chief researcher, Daniel Edwards, said there are signs that graduates are in a difficult period of transition from study to work.He believes that this may be due to factors such as the global financial crisis and more people going to university.

Mark Wooden of the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research (MIAESR) said that it is a short-term problem that graduates hope to find employment due to economic conditions.He said: "There is no evidence that investment in education has declined. (We) had a period where anyone could get a job. I doubt this is no longer a fact for many people."

News compiled from "Australian Network"


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