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At present, many people are accustomed to obtaining information by browsing WeChat Moments, but some scammers have also got their idea here.

Do "good" to find patients."A well-known Chinese philanthropist in Australia plans to donate 10 hearing aids in China. Please send the information of the children in need of assistance to your e-mail." There is no such activity. The person posting this information is a liar.

Scan the code to send phone bills."Scan the QR code in the picture and add a follower to get 100 yuan phone bill." But when a netizen scans and pays attention, he still needs to fill in his personal information.The end result may be that the information is stolen, but the phone bill is nowhere in sight.

Draw a prize for a limited time."Large companies are launching a lottery, and the first prize is an iPhone6." This type of scam often has a long waiting period for the lottery. When netizens fill in the information looking forward to the prize, the scammer has used the information to start the next scam.

High salary seeking talents."Listed companies are short of talents. Please submit your resume for urgent recruitment." The police reminded that there are detailed contact information for real job fairs, and job seekers need to communicate with the personnel department.

Free name pet."A car of dogs was intercepted on the highway, including Su Mu and Golden Retriever." Netizens need to be wary of this type of information, because this information will then give an adoption call, which may be a toll call from other places.

Collect praise to travel."As long as you gather 80 likes in your circle of friends, you can get a free three-day and two-night tour of Hong Kong and Macau for two people."The police reminded that this kind of free collection of likes is a copy of the "zero negative group fee", and it is likely to be forced to consume after participating.

Reply to exchange gifts."If you reply to 20 heart-shaped symbols, you can get a Xiaomi 3 mobile phone." Netizens need to be wary that if they reply to a fixed message or a specific symbol, scammers may request remittances under the pretext of postage and taxes.

Low-priced luxury goods."Famous product discounts, overseas purchases, 1% discount for the audience." Such information sounds tempting, but when netizens transfer money, scammers may compose reasons such as goods being seized by customs to defraud netizens of money.

Article reprinted fromXinhuanet


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