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With the increase of the population and race of Australia, the Royal Children's Hospital of Australia is facing a new challenge, how to find more compatible blood for children patients. Now the hospital is searching the country for compatible blood types with patients. For blood donors, although the blood transfusion does not take into account the race of color, but those patients who need long-term blood transfusion or a large amount of blood transfusion, not only consider the blood type, but also consider the ethnicity of the blood donor. Only in this way can blood incompatibility be minimized. For some genetic diseases, blood donors with similar genes will have the best curative effect on patients.

A patient at the Royal Australian Children’s Hospital, six-year-old Mapalo Nsofwa, received a blood transfusion every three weeks. When Mapalo was seven months old, he was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, a genetic disease. Children at the Royal Australian Children’s Hospital Dr. Anthea Greenway, a blood expert, said that sickle cells look like "bananas" and get stuck in blood vessels to prevent blood flow around them.This is one of the most difficult diseases to treat, requiring large and long-term blood transfusions. The best blood donors are from an African or Middle Eastern background.Race matching blood donation will reduce the possibility of adverse reactions.This is not just superficial thinking that ABO blood type matching is good.” The Royal Children’s Hospital of Australia has seen a sharp increase in patients from all over the world in the past ten years, and the blood reserves are obviously insufficient. The hospital should establish a registration system to plan future treatment needs. .

Australian Red Cross Blood Service 13 14 95 or goDONATEBLOOD.COM.AU

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"


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