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Because the government does not agree to a 12% salary increase in the next four years. The Department of Immigration and Customs officers of the Victorian Trade Union organized a joint action. On June 6th, due to a strike by customs staff, international flights at Melbourne Airport were in chaos! ! The queue lasts for hours. Immigration lawyers even told the editor that now is the critical moment for visa approval at the end of the fiscal year. Many visa applicants are waiting for the Immigration Bureau to release immigration quotas in the last month to grant more permanent visas. Immigration Bureau, Customs, Welfare Bureau and other government departments are going to strike at this time undoubtedly to put pressure on the government. Not much to say, see the details—

Compared with other passengers, passengers on international flights have to wait longer because they have to check their passports, and the strike has a great impact on the busiest time of the day.


During the strike, Greg Lloyd from Keilor was waiting for the Singapore flight to arrive at the airport to pick up her daughter. According to Greg Lloyd, "My daughter and they just sent a text message saying that the entrance is a mess." It is reported that Lloyd's daughter should have flown from Singapore to Melbourne at 9:15 in the morning of the same day, but Lloyd waited for more than an hour and still did not see her daughter. His daughter's text message wrote, "We are picking up our luggage, the line is too exaggerated." Lloyd told the media, "We have received notice from the airport staff, who told us that there is currently chaos inside the airport.

A passenger from Germany, Mark Schulz, said that he had queued for 1.5 hours to complete the entry formalities. "People line up in front of customs, which is very annoying. I have never been to Australia before, so I don't know if this is the norm."


The strike was initiated by community and public sector unions as part of a protracted battle with the federal government over wages and working conditions.

Yesterday, the staff of the Federal Health Insurance and Welfare Agency will also go on strike for four hours. It is expected that hundreds of workers will gather at Melbourne City Hall this morning.


CPSU National Secretary-General Vlad (Nadine Flood) said that the federal government refused to reach an agreement with the union. This strike was an act of last resort. Apart from the strike, workers had no other way to protect their rights, working conditions and Wages.

Flood said, "Because of the cuts in allowances, customs officials will lose 8000 Australian dollars in after-tax income each year, while part-time and temporary employees of the Federal Welfare Administration and medical insurance have the same workload as other staff, but they earn lower incomes. "CPSU said that customs services at Melbourne Airport were affected, and that staff from the Welfare Department and Medicare were also involved in the strike.

The relevant departments of Melbourne Airport are paying close attention to the impact of the strike this morning.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Federal Employment Minister Eric Abetz said in a statement that the union's requirements were "unrealistic."

Coincidentally, yesterday morning, Melbourne Airport ran into a trouble. It is said that an Air India plane had an accident over Melbourne. During the release of fuel, the plane waited for a long time without receiving instructions from the airport.


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