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They are male gods, fanatics, brilliantly accomplished movie kings, world champions, and heads of state... but they all have the same identity, they are fathers. "Bei Xiaoqi" grows bigger and bigger on his father Beckham's right arm, Orlando Bloom's shoulder is the eternal "special seat" of his son Flynn... They are like fathers all over the world, their fathers love like mountains.

After reading this article, you will feel sincerely feeling that those moments when a man "becomes a father", that kind of charm is unparalleled.

Heartthrob dad Beckham: his daughter is "long" on his arms

Why is Xiao Qi the little lover of Beckham's last life? We have pictures to prove that the "seven princesses" have basically grown up on Dad's arms for four years! If you look closely, you will find that Bei Shuai holds Xiaoqi in such a consistent posture that he can't bear to put his daughter down even when his arm is injured.

When he was not a father, Beckham was like this, recognized as a "fresh meat fanatic":

After having a daughter, Xiaobei became a super dad, only daughter in his eyes↓↓↓

On July 2011, 07, Harper Seven Beckham was born. This is the first photo of Bei Shuai and his daughter. Xiao Qi lay quietly in her father's arms, and Beckham touched her daughter with her nose, her father's love was overflowing, warm and moving.

From then on, Xiaoqi "grew" on Beckham's right arm. This is six months for Xiaoqi.

11 months...

One year old, sitting on my dad’s arm to travel...

One and a half years old!

Two years old, growing and growing on that solid arm...

Two and a half years old, a little heavy, I switched to my left arm and continued to hug!

Xiaoqi, who is more than three years old, has obviously grown up. Although Beckham injured his arm, he did not delay holding his daughter. He also protected Xiaoqi's head with his injured hand... Father loves moving!

Could there be other beauties in bikinis sitting in this position? ! Can't.

In May of this year, the 4-year-old Xiao Qi got heavier and heavier, but his father still held her firmly in his arms...

How old will Xiao Qi grow on Bei Shuai's right arm? Let's wait and see.

Wait and see! ↓

In fact, the answer to this question is in Bei Shuai's heart, and he may wish for a lifetime. And every father with a daughter is not a "Beckham". They all hope that they can hold their daughter steadily, always give her the warmest protection, so that she will never be hurt... Just because he is The father who loves her most in the world!

"Prince Dad" Orlando Bloom: The shoulder is the most comfortable "car" for his son

Flynn Bloom (Flynn Bloom), the son of Orlando Bloom, the "Prince Elf", "grew up" on his father's shoulders. Sitting on Dad's generous shoulders, you can see more beautiful scenery!

Before his son, he was the "elven prince" of Middle-earth:

After having Aiko, he became the favorite "car" of "Little Flower"↓↓↓

In November 2011, Orlando Bloom took his adorable son "Little Flower" out of the street. His son was tired and his father asked him to ride on his shoulders.

"Little Flower" was on Orlando Bloom's shoulders, and both father and son looked happy.

At the airport, Mengwa enjoys her father’s exclusive shoulder "first-class seat".

In November 2013, "Riding a Horse" brandishing a toy sword, "Little Flower" turned into a little warrior on his father's shoulder!

It's getting bigger and bigger, and what remains unchanged is Dad's "shoulder seat"...

In April 2015, Orlando Bloom carried his 4-year-old son, interpreting "father's love as a mountain" with his generous shoulders.

Supermodel dad Brad Cronin: holding his son's hand on the runway
Xiaozheng Tai Hudson Kroenig (Hudson Kroenig) took the hand of supermodel dad Brad Kroenig (Brad Kroenig), stepped onto the "international runway" early. Xiao Zhengtai on the top show has a calm face, too, anyway, holding his father's hand, he can go anywhere.

In September 2013, at the Chanel show of Paris 9 Spring/Summer High Fashion Week, we saw the "little supermodel" Hudson. Xiao Zhengtai inherited the handsomeness of his father and was a "sporty man" since childhood.

Changed to look again

On December 2013, 12, Dallas, USA, the father and son walked the fashion show for the Paris-Dallas High-end Handmade Workshop series. Holding my father's hand, Typhoon Little Hudson is steady and supermodel!

In December 2014, the Salzburg Advanced Handicraft Workshop series in Austria, holding his father's hand, Hudson will always travel the world....

Of course, these moments of love should not be missed:

They are stars, heartthrobs, brilliantly accomplished movie kings, boxers or prime ministers, but they all have the same identity as fathers. And when they picked up the child, they were even more charming, because all the achievements were not as good as their contribution in this role-father.

The strong "Thor" Chris Hemsworth showed the unique skill of holding two in one hand.

The first step for a good father-play with your baby girl! Tom Cruise and his daughter are playing in Cambridge Park.

In the arms of his father Tom Cruise, 2-year-old Suri is at ease!

"Two Dads" David Burka and his partner Neil Patrick Harris and their surrogate twins are on vacation in Saint-Tropez.

Matthew McConaughey held his daughter on the stage of the American Film Art Awards.

American actor Eric Dean and his daughter play at the beach. Swinging with Dad’s arm requires skill!

The American actor and Naomi Watts’ husband Levi Shribol is playing with his sons. With the protection of my father, the two little guys feel full of security!

Beckham and his daughter "Little Seven" played sweetly on Malibu Beach. Beckham kept kissing Xiao Qi, and his fatherly love was beyond words.

Tyson, the "boxing champion" who has always given people a powerful and powerful feeling, also has a gentle side, carefully hugging his sleeping daughter for fear of waking her up accidentally.

When British Prime Minister Cameron left office, the moment he left No. 10 Downing Street with his daughter Florence, the bright smiles of the father and daughter were moving-leaving the peak of power and the most true and warm love.

This Father’s Day, we wish all dads a happy holiday!

Article reprinted from VOGUE Fashion Network


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