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Australia's largest wifi will be officially launched next week. By then, even if you are abroad, you can surf the Internet for "free"! On next Tuesday, Telstra will officially launch its ambitious Telstra Air plan. At that time, Telstra will have the largest wifi network in Australia. Moreover, even if Telstra users are in a foreign country, they can also convert Australian traffic into overseas traffic for free.


However, there is no free lunch! To enjoy the convenience of wifi network, Telstra users have to pay a certain price-users must share the download speed of home broadband with passersby. It is reported that consumers with compatible routers can log in to telstra.com/air or download the app next Tuesday to use the super wifi provided by Telstra. Data show that Telstra will launch the super wifi network next week, which will provide more than 250 network hotspots in 4000 cities and towns in Australia. However, as mentioned above, users must set up wifi hotspots at home and allow Telstra to "borrow" 2M bandwidth to other users passing by.


Telstra group manager Karsten Wildberger emphasized that users who use Air services will not incur additional costs. They only need to dedicate 2M bandwidth. "The only thing you have to do is share the bandwidth. This will not affect your normal Internet access at home."
In addition, Telstra users can also use the same Air service in 18 overseas countries. Telstra's partner Fon will provide technical support for this. Wildberger said, "We will set up 1500 million network hotspots around the world, and Telstra will work to build Air into the world's most powerful wifi network."

However, this service is not yet available in the United States and most countries in Asia. Currently, countries where Air services can be used overseas include: United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Greece, France and Germany.


It is worth mentioning that if you want to join this Air service, you must install any of the 6300 routers: Gateway Max, Cable CG4, T-Gateway or ADSL Premium Gateway in your home. But Wildberger said that 110 million routers now comply with this requirement, and users can surf the Internet anytime, anywhere as long as they choose to join the Air sharing program.

News compiled from "News Limited"


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