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The weather is getting colder and colder. Does the cold salad or brunch no longer warm your body? Yes, it's the season of eating "pot" again! Cat itself is a world food concentration camp, whether it is European cheese pot, chocolate pot or domestic spicy hot pot, three-juice braising pot, you can eat enough here!

◆Hot pot

Foreigners eat chocolate pot and cheese pot, and of course we Chinese prefer our snacks to big hot pots! If you can eat spicy food, you want red soup. If you can’t eat spicy food, you want clear soup. Meet three or five friends, sit around the stove, all kinds of beef and mutton, meatballs, shrimp dumplings, beef veggies, vegetables, what you like to eat, yourself It's so uncomfortable to eat by yourself!

Tianfu Sichuan Restaurant (Box Hill)


The hot pot ingredients are exquisite, and friends from Sichuan say that their hot pot is the most authentic Miaoben! And the dining environment is good, the decoration is very Sichuan atmosphere, the service is enthusiastic, and the food is served quickly!

Address: East Melbourne, 2A, Cambridge Street Box Hill 3128

Phone: 03-90414318


Taketori cuisine


Taketori's cod fish pot is also my favorite~ As a more advanced Japanese cooking ingredient, the umami taste of cod is irresistible! [Taketori] After marinating it for 2-3 days, the taste of miso sauce completely penetrates into the flavor. Even if it is put in the soup, it is not diluted, but it complements other ingredients such as tofu, kimchi, and fungus!

Address: Melbourne city center, 225 king st melbourne (southern cross station)

Phone: 0061399398152




Many people know this shop because the skin of their Xiaolongbao is very thin and the soup is thick, and the taste is about eighth similar to that of Shanghai. What I want to talk about today is their casserole, which has a lot of soup, and a serving in winter will surely warm your whole body! In addition, the red oil is a modified taste, which is very suitable for people who do not like spicy food. Remember to come early~ because this one is always in line!

Address: Melbourne City Center, 146 Little Bourke St, Melbourne 3000 (Chinatown)

Phone: 03-96002250


Huang Jihuang


Melbourne's Huang Jihuang three-juice braising pot tastes really the same as in China, even the containers for the ingredients are the same, so I suddenly returned to China. . . Huang Jihuang’s unique braising technique allows the food to be braised using its own moisture, which securely locks in nutrients and avoids loss. In this way, while the ingredients can guarantee their own original flavor, the one-pot food achieves the perfect effect of balanced nutrition and freshness and tenderness.

Address: Shop 5, Level 1, 319 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000 (Entry From Little Lonsdale St)

Phone: 03 9650 5888


◆Cheese Pot

Some people say that this is a pilgrimage about cheese. Cheese and wine, garlic and herbs are cooked together in a pot, and the aroma is bursting! To eat a delicious cheese fondue, the most important thing is of course the quality of the cheese. It is best to choose the one with higher water content. Secondly, your cheese cooking technique will of course also affect the final taste. Let's take a look at the delicious cheese fondue in Melbourne with the editor!

Swiss Club of Victoria


This shop was established in 1899, and its original purpose was to provide a place for Swiss immigrants to have a meal. Here, you can eat cheese pot all year round. There is a milk pan in the center of the table, which is boiled with traditional gruyere cheese, emmenthal cheese and kirsch wine. Sitting around the table with friends, the pan is opened and put in the sliced ​​bread and apple slices prepared before. If the girls are worried about getting tired, they can ask for a cup of Riesling or Pinot to neutralize it.

Address: 89 Flinders Lane, city

Phone: 1300 893 968

Website: swissclubvictoria.com


Milk the cow


Every time I recommend cheese-related food, I have to mention this restaurant, yes! This is a shop that is always passionate about cheese! Marcel Petit Comte from France, mixed with apenzel and gruyere from Switzerland, or blue cheese and Brie de Nangis from Ile-de-France, boil it in a pot, then use bamboo chopsticks to soak in the bread for minutes. Let you feel the warmth in the chill!

Address: 157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

电话 : 9537 2225

Website: milkthecow.com.au


Spring St cheese cellar


Starting from August, Spring St cheese cellar will prepare a cheese pot for you who love cheese. If you don’t want to eat it in the store, the clerk will help you prepare cheese and the knowledge of cooking cheese pot so that you can cook it at home. delicious! The owner, Femia, thinks that alpine cheeses such as comte gruyere, Swiss appenzeller, Beaufort or Italian cave-ripened Fontina Val d'Aosta are more suitable for cooking in a cheese pot, and they must be cooked very slowly. Avoid using hot fire. Otherwise it will be too viscous. It may also be burnt.

Address: Downstairs, 157 Spring Street, city

电话 : 9639 0335

Website: springstgrocery.com.au


Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder


Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder organizes The Art of Fondue every winter. Cheese chef Nadia di Chele will teach you the whole process of making cheese pot in the gap between the exquisite main course and dessert, so that you can DIY it. , The three kinds of cheese are perfectly mixed and eaten with potatoes, peppers, cherry tomatoes and any seasonal ingredients. Just thinking about it makes your mouth water!

Address: 48-50 Bridge Road, Richmond

电话 : 9421 2808



Giraffe Cafe


Located on Londsdale street, Giraffe Cafe is a small shop that is both comfortable and stylish. I don’t know if it’s for the creative food or the cute interior decoration. In short, there are so many repeat customers! I also like the cute toy giraffes in the store~ Friends who love to take pictures, please prepare your camera! Put on the bottom of a cheese pot, sliced ​​bananas, mushrooms and bread, boil it, dip it, lick it, I can’t think of any other adjectives except it’s so delicious! In addition, the ice cream balls and cheesecakes here are also great!

Address: 302 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Phone: 03 96400889


◆Chocolate Pot

Chocolate fondue, like cheese fondue, comes from Switzerland. It melts chocolate into a chocolate paste in a pot, and then alternately dips in fruit and bread cubes. The thick, smooth, warm chocolate is combined with the crispy fruit, and the blended fragrance brings warmth and sweetness in the winter, which makes people want to stop. Chocolate fondue can also be paired with ice water and ice cream. The alternation of hot and cold brings the bizarre feeling of double ice and fire.

Max Brenner


A restaurant that must be mentioned when it comes to chocolate hot pot, especially for those who like to eat sweets. It is also a paradise for chocolate lovers. Everything is dominated by delicious chocolates-chocolate fondue, chocolate waffles, chocolate banana pizza, etc., chocolate sauce flows in the pipes on the roof.

Address: Melbourne has a number of shops, including MelbourneCentral and QV Center.





This store was established in June 2007 as the former The Chokolait Hub. The idea of ​​the owner Ross and Marianna Harvey is very simple. They are to present the best chocolates to the guests. I heard that they are all from Belgium. So you can enjoy the best chocolate drinks and desserts here. The environment is also very relaxed and friendly. More importantly, the chocolate pan with fresh strawberries, bananas and mushrooms is enough for two people, for a total of only $6!

Address: Shop 8, 318 Little Collins St Melbourne, VIC 3000

电话 : 03 96396188



Chocolateria San Churro


This is a super dreamy shop. In addition to the chocolate pan, it also offers mini fritters, marshmallows, chocolate brownies and fruits. It is perfect for bringing children!

Address: 277 Brunswick St Fitzroy, VIC 3065

Phone: 03 9419 9936



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