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Under a new law to be issued by the Victorian government, private car parks will not be able to enforce the fines they issue to motorists.

The purpose of the government's move is to crack down on those parking lot operators who behave badly.

The new law, planned to be introduced this Wednesday, will prohibit private parking lot operators from requesting the court to obtain driver’s registration information and then issuing fines. Legally speaking, these things are usually not within the scope of enforcement.

Drivers who park illegally will still receive a ticket trapped under the wiper, but if they refuse to pay, parking lot operators will no longer have a convenient way to obtain driver's personal information directly through the courts.

This legislation will mainly affect operators who set up parking lots on vacant plots, rather than closed parking lots with gates around them.

The government expects that most public parking lot operators will install gates to ensure that drivers pay.

Parking lots operated by local municipal governments will not be affected by this law.

The Victorian Minister of Consumer Affairs Jane Garrett was responsible for drafting the amendment. The purpose is to crack down on operators who behave, issue forgery tickets under official printing, and then use debt collection agencies to pressure drivers to make payments.

She said: "This new law will ensure that this kind of behavior is eliminated."

“The operators of these private parking lots will flock to the courts from time to time, wasting taxpayers’ money and exploiting others. Therefore, the purpose of this measure is to protect the people of Victoria.”

In the past few years, the so-called "tickets" issued by private car park operators-actually payment notices-are not enforceable in the court's view.

Gavin Barrett once received a ticket in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Box Hill. He claimed that the ticket was wrong and that he did not stop illegally.

However, the operator of that parking lot "ACE Car Parking" brought him a nightmare experience ever since.

"They collect debts from me through a debt collection agency. I tried to call the debt collector given in the letter, but I couldn't reach him. Then I did some investigations and found that this person didn't exist at all. It was fabricated by the operator."

He described the latest legislative changes as a kind of "karma".

"They have been harassing others in this way. Now, the government has finally started to control them to prevent them from continuing to be so arrogant."

News compiled from "Times"


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