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The domestic college entrance examination is over, don’t you know that the grades of the students are satisfactory? Today, the editor brings you a piece of good news, domestic college entrance examination results can directly apply to most of the prestigious schools in Australia!

Below, the editor will introduce several ways for domestic high school graduates to apply for Australian universities:

1. The simplest one,Directly use the domestic college entrance examination results to apply for Australian universitiesNowadays, the recognition of Chinese college entrance examination by Australian universities is quite high. Australia's eight largest universities except Melbourne University accept Chinese college entrance examination results. That is to say, the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, Monash University, etc. can all apply directly with the college entrance examination results. As long as the results meet the school's required score line, there is no need to take preparatory courses or fast courses. In addition to Australia's eighth universities, the University of South Australia, Bond University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Western Sydney University, Queensland University of Technology, University of Wollongong, Macquarie University, etc. have also accepted Chinese college entrance examination results. What students need to pay attention to is that different schools and different majors have different requirements for college entrance examination results. For example,The admission requirements of the University of Sydney are to meet the higher scores in the provincial and municipal level, and most of Monash University’s professional requirements are to meet the lower scores in the provincial and municipal level; the University of Adelaide requires students to achieve this The lower score line in the provincial and municipal line.

For example, this year, the admission score of a middle school in Shandong is 572 points. As long as your scores in the Shandong college entrance examination are above 572 points, you can apply for business, computer, science and other majors and directly enter Australia's prestigious schools.

2. If the score does not meet the requirements of the ideal university and major, you can apply for the courses offered by Australian universitiesQuick course, After completing the express course, students can directly enter the second year of the undergraduate course, which means that there is no difference from the freshman year, and the express course is relatively loose compared to the first year of the undergraduate course, and the curriculum setting also takes care of international students. Allowing international students to adapt to the teaching environment of Australian universities as quickly as possible is harmless to students.

3. Enrollment recognized by the Australian governmentTAFE course, TAFE is a skilled trade course, and many skilled trades are in short supply in Australia. After completing the TAFE course of a specific school, students can seamlessly progress to an undergraduate degree course, which not only saves money but also benefits future immigration! Taking box hill tafe as an example, students can choose to study for a year of diploma of business (diploma of business), and then directly enter the sophomore year of Monash University to continue to bachelor of business (undergraduate of business), so that the calculation can be enoughSave 23350 Australian dollarsTuition fees! ! !Use the least money to achieve the best results!

4. The last way is throughPre-University, If you have completed the second year of high school, you can directly apply for the preparatory course of a prestigious school. If your college entrance examination results are not satisfactory but the university in your mind does not offer a shortcut course, you can also save the country by applying for the preparatory course! The University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, Monash University and other prestigious universities all have preparatory courses. Compared with the shortcut courses and TAFE courses, the preparatory courses have a wider range of majors, and you can apply directly after graduation from the second year. Another advantage of matriculation isIELTS requirements are lowerTake the University of Melbourne preparatory course as an example, high school students only need 5.5 IELTS points to directly enter the preparatory course, and 6.0 points are required to apply for the preparatory course for high school graduation. Compared with the University of New South Wales direct application for undergraduate courses, it needs 6.5 points, which is much easier.

The article is reproduced from the Australian International Student Service Center


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