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The Association of Australian University Colleges (UCA) and the Australian University Housing Management Association (AACUHO) jointly released a report on the 2nd that overseas students prefer to rent houses in the suburbs to avoid high rents in the city.

It is reported that nearly 200% of international students in Australia have a budget of less than A$XNUMX per week for renting a house, so they prefer to rent cheap houses in the suburbs by themselves.

Ian Walker, co-founder of the Association of University Colleges in Australia, said overseas students have to choose between expensive school dormitories and low-rent housing. Walker said that he had received complaints from students, claiming that there were many problems in low-rent housing, such as the heating cannot be used in winter, and the lamps used for learning were not bright. In addition, transportation is also a major problem for low-rent housing. In 2013, as many as 30% of international students were more than 10 kilometers away from home to university.

The report also pointed out that the lack of high-quality student dormitories in Australia casts a shadow over Australian higher education as a driving force for exports. Previous studies have pointed out that student dormitories are built to improve student performance and better socializing, and dormitories for specific purposes. But Laura Burge, chairman of the Australian University Housing Management Association, said high housing prices in school dormitories are driving students away.

Walker called on universities and real estate developers to invest in the construction of new student low-rent housing. It is reported that Melbourne has the largest number of student dormitory beds in Australia's capital cities, with 16393 beds, while Sydney has only 13153 beds.

News compiled from "News Australia"


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