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In this life, with whom, how, and for how long, some people are because of love, some are because of material things, some are because of looks, some are because of the future, some are because of pressure... And when this day is really going to live with the person you choose, you Only then did I understand: the money is enough, and the appearance is not scary. In fact, true happiness is very simple: as long as there are more smiles than tears, you will find the right person.

Sometimes, just a word of your carelessness has become a warm flame in the heart of a friend. This kind of moving is often inadvertent, and it is more moved. ——Johnny Johnny

A successful man will never despise that his woman is too good, unless he can't control it! Just like a woman will never dislike a dress that is too beautiful, unless she can't wear it or can't afford it!

When you need comfort most, the phrase "I am" is the warmest force in this world. ——Xu Lingzi

The best preservation in the world is to keep improving and make yourself a better and more worthy person.

Not all pain can be screamed, and not all love can be confessed. Don't show your sadness too much, because no one lives easier than anyone else. -Thought focus

Try to do two things less: use your own mouth to interfere with other people's lives, and rely on other people's brains to think about your own life.

Article reproduced from Visual Journal


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