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Shenzhen is making headlines again, this time on the front page of People's Daily.

Not long after the Shenzhen Party Congress and the two sessions ended, the headline of the "People's Daily" published the report "Shenzhen is becoming an international and innovative city", and on the same day it reported on Huawei, Huada, Huaqiang, OCT, Guangqi is a story about the innovation and development of Shenzhen enterprises represented by the "Four Hua and One Qi".
After five years, why did Shenzhen make headlines in the "People's Daily" again? What kind of deep meaning does it contain?

How difficult are the headlines of the People's Daily?


"People's Daily" is a window to understand China. For political news experts, which provinces have news on its front page, and which enterprises are reported in a concentrated manner are worthy of careful study.

Let's take a look at the node where this report was issued. It was selected after the five-year change of office in Shenzhen. In a sense, it was the central government’s affirmation of Shenzhen’s past development and requirements for future development, and once again firmly determined Shenzhen, which is known for its reform and innovation, as an important city in the central decision-making and deployment.

This interpretation is related to the important position of the People's Daily. The "People's Daily", known as the largest newspaper in China, is a newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China that publicizes the party's line, principles and policies. Its front-page headlines are the same as the headlines of the news network, which are the two most difficult headlines in China.

Its front-page headlines are more interpreted by the outside world as being equivalent to the "policy eye" of the central government, and it is a reporting choice after a thorough understanding of the central government's major decisions.

Just as Zhan Xinhui, a researcher at the Research Center for Party Newspapers and Journals at Communication University of China, believes that the front page headlines of "People's Daily" report on local activities, and its value is mainly to report on the bright spots and useful experiences of the place in the implementation of the country’s major policies for other places to learn and learn from. . This front-page headline report on Shenzhen’s innovation experience is not only a reflection of the current national policy of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, it also affirms the value of Shenzhen’s innovation experience that can be learned and promoted.

What did Shenzhen say in this report?

It is difficult to get on the headlines of People's Daily, and the content and angle of the report are naturally more intriguing.

The headline of this report "Shenzhen is moving towards an international and innovative city" directly echoes the positioning of Shenzhen's urban development in the report of the Sixth Party Congress: building a modern, international and innovative city. At the two sessions of Shenzhen that closed on June 6, Ma Xingrui, deputy secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, who had just taken office recently, also proposed new development goals for Shenzhen in the next five years.

This shows that Shenzhen's latest positioning for urban development has been affirmed by the central government.

Next, let's analyze the main content of the report. The main keyword is innovation. In addition to the headline position on the front page, the People’s Daily also reported on the sixth page of the day how the Shenzhen enterprises represented by Huawei, BGI, Huaqiang, OCT, and Guangqi, represented by the “four Chinas and one start”, how to innovate and develop s story. The two reports are both related and different, one at the macro level and the other at the micro level. This kind of treatment is very rare for the People's Daily. It should be said that the report is very heavy and it also gives Shenzhen a lot of "face".

The first sentence of this newsletter is, "Reform is the root of Shenzhen, and innovation is the soul of Shenzhen. At any time, you must not forget your roots, lose your soul, and become a mediocre city." The name of the opening points out reform and innovation. Importance to Shenzhen.

The end of the report is also very particular. It ended with Secretary Ma’s speech at the “Two Sessions”, “After 35 years of reform and development, Shenzhen’s independent innovation capability has continued to increase, but we will never be complacent.”
The explanation affirmed the positioning of the Shenzhen Party Congress report and the government work report on urban development, as well as the trust and support for the decision of the new Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Government.


The new leadership of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee.

Both front-page headlines talk about reform and innovation

In fact, five years ago, Shenzhen had been on the front page of "People's Daily" as the protagonist.

On August 2010, 8, on the eve of the 24th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the People’s Daily reported on the tremendous changes in Shenzhen’s 30-year reform and opening-up under the title of “Pioneering Pioneers”. At that time, the article described Shenzhen like this: “Shenzhen is an'experimental field' for institutional reforms, a'window' for opening up to the outside world, and a'spiritual power' for reform and opening up across the country." When looking forward to the future of Shenzhen, the article said , Shenzhen should work hard to "walk a new road" and become a pioneer in scientific development.

Looking back 10 years later, it should be said that the two front-page headlines of the "People's Daily" have well explained the important factors of reform, innovation and development, which have been inherited and carried forward in the development of Shenzhen.

Who is behind the writer?

A good report must have a good understanding of major decisions in order to grasp the key points of the layout. This also has a very important relationship with the writer. Shenzhen made the headlines of the "People's Daily" twice. Who is behind the scenes? The title of the first report was "Open Pioneer and Departure Again" and the authors were Hu Mou and Tian Junrong. The former later served as deputy secretary-general of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee.

The author of this report, Wang Chu, is the head of the People's Daily Guangdong Branch. He was the first famous reporter of the People's Daily stationed in Shenzhen and an influential senior reporter in the Chinese press. Another author, Lu Shaogang, is the editor-in-chief of the People's Daily, the editor-in-chief of the Shenzhen channel of People's Daily, and a newly promoted member of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPPCC. It can be seen that the writers all have a rich understanding of the development of Shenzhen.

In addition, the People's Daily also uses the entire network to integrate media communication methods. The report is compiled into 9 languages ​​for global broadcast and reprinted on more than 30 mainstream websites. A few days later, the current affairs channel of People's Daily Online continued to interpret the significance of the report "Shenzhen is becoming an international and innovative city" in the form of analysis.

What does this show? The first is to continue to spread the innovative development concept of Shenzhen. The second is to illustrate the importance of Shenzhen as a city in the central development decision-making and its important position in the development of first-tier cities in the country.

As the first sentence of the newsletter said, "Reform is the root of Shenzhen, and innovation is the soul of Shenzhen. At any time, you must not forget your roots, lose your soul, and become a mediocre city." This is the development requirements of the central government for Shenzhen. The iron law that Shenzhen must keep in mind for its development.

Text / Great Lord Zhang Xiaoling

Edited / Li Ying

Article reprinted from Shenzhen Events


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