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"Tattered Myki" will become history? The Victorian government announced on the 16th that it will bid for a new operator for the widely criticized Myki card.

It is reported that the existing operating contract will expire in December 2016. The Victorian government stated that if bidders want to obtain data on the Victorian public transport network, they need to pay a “data fee” of A$12.


According to reports, companies interested in bidding for Myki card operators must submit a letter of intent by April 2016. At the same time, the new operating contract must be signed in June of the same year to complete the handover of the old and new operators.

In the tender documents published by Victoria, companies interested in bidding are required to pay a "data fee" of A$5 to the Victorian Public Transport Authority. After paying the fee, they can read the operating data of the Victorian bus network. The Victorian Public Transport Information Database (Data rooms) generally provides safe and reliable bidding information to bidding operators when it takes over.

Tony Morton, spokesman for the Victorian Public Transport Users Association (PTUA), said he was surprised that a contract involving the operation of the public transport toll system was “protected” under the pretext of trade secrets.


Victorian Comptroller General John Doyle said in a report to Parliament that he doubted the accuracy of the Myki card operating data provided by the Public Transport Authority. Doyle also urged the Public Transport Administration to give an explanation on "how to supervise the operation of the Myki card."

Although Victoria plans to replace a new Myki card operator, the contract with NTT, the operator responsible for statistics on Myki card operating data, will be extended for another 6 months. Victorian Minister of Public Transport Jacinta Allan criticized the previous Liberal government, accusing it of not changing operators as soon as possible.

Regarding the payment of A$5 "information fee", a spokesperson for the Public Transport Authority said that the purpose of charging this fee is to ensure that bidders are determined to participate in the bidding. The letter of intent to bid and the A$5 "information fee" are submitted together. Moreover, bidders are subject to a series of terms to ensure that commercial information will not be disclosed. The spokesperson also stated that the commercial information contained in this includes transaction data from the Myki card operating system, but does not include the personal information of Myki card users.

News compiled from "Times"


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