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Blue Mountains One Day Tour

Sydney City Day Tour

Port Stephens Day Tour

Conditions: The tickets, tips and meals for the above three groups are borne by the winning guests.Winning tours cannot be exchanged for cash.

Validity period: use within three months from the award date.

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Melbourne Great Ocean Road Twelve Apostles one-day tour, (group price is 69 Australian dollars), free of charge,No quota limit (until further notice)

Conditions: self-financed items, tips and meals are borne by the winning guests.Winning tours cannot be exchanged for cash.

Validity period: use within three months from the award date.

Sydney travel package information

【One Day Tour of Blue Mountains】

Go to the Blue Mountains, a famous tourist destination in Australia, to see millions of hectares of dense forests, sandstone cliffs,Canyons and waterfalls, appreciate the magical charm of nature. First arrive at the safari park,Get a peculiar experience of close contact with Australian wild animals.You can take pictures with koalas or kangaroos. Afterwards, follow Highway 32 to the 1,100-meter-high Three Sisters Peak to admire the majestic peaks and listen to the beautiful legends about the Three Sisters Peak.Take the world’s most oblique sightseeing train and descend into a valley 250 meters deep,If you are lucky, you can also see cockatoos, king parrots,Jin Parrot and other birds. Take the new cable car up the mountain through the jungle along the valley.Then visit the indigenous culture and art and experience the pure indigenous singing and dancing performance (own expense).

【One Day Tour of Sydney City】

Depart from Sydney at 8:20 in the morning,First visit the Sydney Opera House, Australia's most iconic and classic landmark.Then visit another iconic building in Sydney, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge complement each other, allowing you to enjoy the unique and charming and spectacular scenery of Sydney.

Afterwards, visit the Rocks District, the Rocks District is the birthplace of Sydney’s history. In 1788, the first British fleet registered here under the leadership of Captain Arthur Philips.It was named after the rocks were everywhere. Today this ancient building complex is a well-known business district in Sydney.Wander in the meantime, experience the time travel.

Afterwards, visit Chinatown in the center of the city to experience the development of overseas Chinese culture.After that is the most romantic Darling Harbour, enjoying the stunning sea views.Go deep under the sea to visit the Sydney Aquarium and Wax Museum. Take a boat trip to the harbor at noon,Enjoy a buffet lunch. Afterwards, take a Sydney seaplane to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sydney from the sea, land and air. After lunch, visit the suburban Bondi Beach, Nanjiao Tsui,Suicide Rock and other scenic spots.

Return to Sydney's Chinatown at about 5 pm to end a wonderful journey.

【One Day Tour of Port Stephens】

Port Stephens has 26 golden beaches, a wide and magnificent bay and many picturesque small bay corners.It is the best place to enjoy a leisurely holiday. Freshly caught seafood,The fragrant wine and award-winning chef guarantee you an unforgettable meal in a small local restaurantDelicious food. Naturally active tourists will not do nothing here,You can do water sports, take a cruise at your own expense and other activities.Experience the unique experience of swimming with dolphins. Finally, take a four-wheel drive to the beach for sandboarding.

Melbourne travel package information

[Twelve Apostles One Day Tour of Great Ocean Road, Melbourne]

The Great Ocean Road winding between the raging waves of the South Pacific and the rolling hills of Victoria, Is the most spectacular seaside road in the world, and it can be called Victoria’s "Treasure of Town and State".It is also a must-visit scenic spot to visit Australia. It is surrounded by mountains and the sea,Along the coastline to outline the outline of Australia’s south coast, among the numerous coastal roads,The Great Ocean Road is the most rugged, most beautiful, and most magnificent fantasy road.

Winners departing from Sydney, please contact Hongcheng Sydney Branch Tel: (+61 2) 9211 8218

Winners departing from Melbourne, please contact Hongcheng Melbourne Branch City Tel: (+61 3) 9654 9891

(The final interpretation of the above conditions for participating in the tour belongs to Hongcheng Travel Agency)


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