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Content of change

1. 常规的商业移民188A和188B类申请的分数将于7月1日起从目前的65分降低为50分;

This means that as long as they meet the basic requirements (main indicators: 2 Australian dollars in turnover in 4/50 years; couples’ net assets of 80 Australian dollars), young stock gods, etc., are likely to get "entry coupons" "——The threshold for Australian business immigration has collapsed!

"The government has opened the gate, and the market is starting to look up, where are you?"

2. 188B state bond investment can be held by the main applicant or jointly held by the main and deputy applicants.

If the principal and deputy applicants jointly hold the investment, any one of them can apply for the 888 permanent residence visa after meeting the residence requirements. The new policy applies to applicants who invest after July 7. This also applies to applicants who are currently processing 1B category.

What is 188A

Australia 188A visa belongs to the category of Australian Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Business Innovation and Investment Visa), referred to as Australia 188A immigration, Australian investment immigration 188A, Australian business immigration and Australian entrepreneurial immigration, etc. It is based on the original Australian 163, 164 immigration visas A new visa category resulting from the above merger. This visa does not have high requirements for the applicant’s assets, and has no hard requirements for academic qualifications and English. The scoring model adopted is close to China’s national conditions. Later, the investment method in Australia is flexible and diverse. If the requirements are met, the whole family can quickly transfer to permanent residence. It is suitable for domestic students. Experienced business owner.


188A No change to previous application conditions

188A immigration requirements (No change to previous application conditions

188 visa I-entrepreneurial immigration category (similar to 163)

1. Obtain the invitation of "Intention to Apply";

2. Under 55 years old or state government exempts age requirements;

3. A score of 50 or above;

4. Assets above 80 Australian dollars;

5. In the past 4 years, there are 2 years

▲The company's sales exceed AUD 50 (up to 2 companies added together);

▲Own at least 30% of the shares;

Scoring criteria (passing score of 65 points)

Family assets fraction age fraction
Over A$2 in the past 80 years 5 18-24 20
Over A$2 in the past 130 years 15 25-32 30
Over A$2 in the past 180 years 25 33-39 25
Over A$2 in the past 250 years 35 40-44 20
45-54 15
Business background (innovative business only)
Owned company shares for 5 of the past 4 years 10 Investment background (investment only)
8 years of work experience in the past 7 years 15 A$4 investment in the past 10 years 10
A$7 investment in the past 10 years 15
Company turnover (the past 4 years)
There are 2 years more than 50 Australian dollars / year 5 Language
There are 2 years more than 100 Australian dollars / year 15 IELTS 5 points per subject 5
There are 2 years more than 150 Australian dollars / year 25 IELTS 7 points per subject 10
There are 2 years more than 200 Australian dollars / year 35
Other scores
Education Registered patent/design for more than 1 year 15
Australian Certificate/College/Bachelor 5 Registered trademark for more than 1 year 10
Overseas Bachelor 5 Formal associate company over 1 year 5
Australia/Overseas Bachelor (Business/Science/Technology) 10 Exports accounted for 4% of sales in 2 out of 50 years 15
Special contributions recognized by the state government 10
公司成立不超过5年,连续3年销售额每年增长超过20%,最少有1年雇员超过10人 10 In the past 4 years, have been awarded 1 Australian dollars by the government (new company/product marketization/business expansion) or attracted more than 10 Australian dollars in split investment 10

888-Provisional to Permanent Residence

1) Innovative business category (similar to 890/892)

1. The main applicant of the 888 visa must be the main applicant of the 188 visa (unless divorce or death)

2. 24 months before the application, you must have lived in Australia for more than 12 months

3. In the 12 months before the application, the sales of the Australian company exceeded A$30


5. Twelve months before submitting the application, satisfy 12 of the following 3 items:

a) Assets in Australia exceed A$60

b) Invest at least A$20 in business in Australia

c) Hire at least 2 local full-time employees


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