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Australia’s eight major trade unions have joined forces to oppose the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, requesting the Labor Party to pressure the government to change or cancel this “unequal” China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. This is the first time in the history of Australia’s trade that it has encountered large-scale disputes. Big unions boycotted.

It is reported that the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union, the Construction Mining and Energy Industry Union, the Australian Textile and Apparel and Footwear Union, the Electronic Trade Union, the Australian Workers’ Union, the National Workers’ Union, the Transport Workers’ Union and the Maritime Workers’ Union have jointly sent a letter to the Labour Party members requesting They are putting pressure on the government to oppose the signed China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

Prior to this, the Green Party had publicly opposed the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. However, the Chinese and Australian governments have already formally signed the agreement before, so it is unlikely that the various clauses will be changed within three years.

Trade Minister Andrew Robb previously stated that people should not be overly concerned about the influx of overseas workers into Australia. At any time, local Australian workers will be given priority for employment. The Labor Party stated that they will carefully observe and analyze the changes this agreement will bring to the Australian labor market.
The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement stipulates that if a Chinese company invests more than A$1.5 million in Australia, then the company can recruit a large number of overseas workers without prioritizing job placement to local Australian workers. In this way, Chinese companies can recruit Chinese workers with temporary visas. The Construction Mining and Energy Industry Alliance has protested this matter.

Robb said that the Labor Party is just using the construction mining and energy industry alliance to scare people against the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Robb believes that such protests based on lies are essentially repelling foreigners.

But Michael O'Connor, secretary general of the Construction Mining and Energy Industry Alliance, said that the actions of the union only represent union members. Their protest is neither racist nor exclusion of foreigners. On the contrary, they often support indigenous laborers and exploited foreign laborers.

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