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The immigration strike will begin today and will continue on and off until June 6. During this period, airports, customer service centers, ports, container inspections, etc., may all be affected. The speed of visa processing and the entry and exit of Australian customs will also be affected to a certain extent. It is unclear how many cities’ immigration authorities will participate in the strike, and how much impact it will have on waiting visa applicants.

Members of the Community and Public Sector Union employed by the Bureau of Immigration (DIBP) and Australian Customs and Border Protection (ACBPS) will participate. Immigration and border protection are cooperating with partner agencies (owner’s airport/airline, etc.) to minimize the impact on citizens’ travel, cargo and mail.

ACBPS Deputy CEO Border Operations Michael Onan said, "Although service efficiency will be reduced as a result, we still hope that the contingency measures will minimize interference. We regret the inconvenience caused." Mr. Onan said. "In this operation, the health and safety of our people and border protection remain our top priorities."

From Tuesday, passengers at the international airport may be affected. The latest news will be updated regularly on the official website of the Ministry of Immigration (www.customs.gov.au and www.immi.gov.au).

Timetable for strikes at all major airports in Australia:

Sydney: June 2015, 6

Perth: June 2015, 6

Darwin: June 2015, 6

Brisbane: June 2015, 6

Gold Coast: June 2015, 6

Melbourne: June 2015, 6

Adelaide: June 2015, 6

Cairns: June 2015, 6


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