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The Victorian Highways Department recently pointed out in an independent report that if the police spotted a cyclist on the street while using a mobile phone while riding, they should immediately impose a fine; but riding on the sidewalk is exempt.

According to reports, this independent report is part of an amendment to the bicycle safe riding regulations. The report pointed out that it is illegal to call on a cell phone by bicycle. According to data from the Victorian Highways Authority, between 2004 and 2013, a total of 2.9181 traffic accidents related to cyclists occurred, of which 84 people were killed and about 4500 were seriously injured. According to the report, the most frequently discussed rule change among drivers and cyclists is to allow cyclists of any age to ride on the sidewalk. Victoria currently stipulates that adults are prohibited from riding on the sidewalk, but the only exception is that when adults and children under 12 are riding together, they can ride on the sidewalk. Some people believe that this will make cyclists more confident before they officially ride on the road; but there are also voices that this will seriously threaten the safety of pedestrians. It is understood that nearly XNUMX% of non-cycling road users welcome punishment of cyclists for using their mobile phones.

Article reproduced from "Australia.com"


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