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For the elderly in Victoria, loneliness and illness may be the cause of distress. However, a report released on the 14th gave an even more alarming fact. As many as 6% of the elderly in Victoria suffer from children’s Abuse, and all this is often caused by economic disputes.

The Times reported that the Federal Institute on Aging commissioned the Victorian Seniors Rights Agency to conduct this survey. After analyzing the situation of the Victorian Seniors Rights Hotline received calls for help, a total of 755 Victorian seniors have suffered various setbacks. Among them, 37% were financially abused, 35.8% were emotionally abused, 9.9% were physically assaulted, 0.3% were sexually abused, and 5.2% were bullied in interpersonal relationships. Many people cannot get enough food and other necessities, and elderly women are the most likely victims.

Among these abusers, up to 90% are the adult children of the victimized elderly. Many of these abusers have drug, alcohol, gambling addiction or mental health problems. The more dangerous thing for the elderly is that they often live with the perpetrator. The report states that “28% of the abused elderly live with their children, which is much higher than the ratio of ordinary elderly living with their children ( 7%)".

Elderly people living alone are more likely to suffer crimes involving property. Jenny Blakey, manager of the Victorian Aged Authority, said that a lot of abuse comes from adult children’s desire for the elderly’s property. Two thirds of the victims own their own. This has become a worldwide problem, but Victoria did not pay attention to this issue until 2, and many people still don’t know about it.

La Trobe University (La Trobe University) also conducted a study on the sexual abuse of the elderly in a report released in June last year, saying that the lack of evidence, the negative social attitudes, and the denial of the victims make such crimes. Rarely received attention, in fact, in 6, a total of 2012 such cases occurred.

News compiled from "Times"


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