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It stands to reason that everyone goes abroad for their dreams, to see the larger world and to get in touch with different cultures. But why is the reputation of Chinese female students on the Internet so unbearable? Is this really the case? Aote will take you to see what netizens say

Why do many people say that the private lives of Chinese female students are chaotic?
[Netizen Gao Fujuan]: Haha, I have been studying in Melbourne for 7 years, and I have created an album for every girl who has been in a relationship. At present, there are 35 albums on the computer... There is also a friend who is stronger, three-digit number four The rhythm of digits...

[Easy to speak and do]: If you have an older sister or younger sister studying abroad at home, you won't be so sexual. My sister went there as a graduate student, and she went to Germany.
[Cd122714]: No one is serious upstairs. The most fundamental reason is two points, co-renting and loneliness. 80% of international students studying abroad are co-rented, and more than 50% are co-ed. It's easy to have feelings when you come and go, even if you are not a couple, it will be a little ambiguous.

Besides the tuition fees, the biggest expenditure for foreign students is rent. Unlike domestic couples, once the couples of foreign students get better, the time to live together is horrible because one can increase the relationship and the other is to share the rent between two people. Reduce the cost of living. Of course, there are many girls who don’t need to share and rely on men, so they can save money to buy bags...

Another point is loneliness... The after-school life abroad is really boring if you don't work. In such days, what else can we do besides finding people to create human beings...

[Kingscoin]: No matter how the international students are, they are more hygienic than the domestic ones. First of all, the family conditions are not bad and the abortion is also extremely difficult. They are all exaggerated. The cohabitation room is not every day. Foreign wolves are more meaty. There are definitely more homeboys than in China.

[Hupust]: To tell you clearly, I don't have a say in other schools. In Harvard, Asian mainland women are the easiest to be common sense. How can the world’s public buses have gained a reputation? The hypocrisy of Confucian culture is reflected in the advocacy of sexual repression on the surface, but in fact it is more licentious than anyone else. This can be seen from ancient Chinese historical records. Especially the debauchery of the business school is more than you can imagine, the group of Jiao will be something, not to mention every day, every week. My experience is for your reference, don't be a catcher, the degree of debauchery will increase.

typical example

1. A female doctor of science in THU undergraduate, a college entrance examination champion in a small city, she was still a virgin when she graduated, with normal orientation and ordinary appearance.

2. An official second-generation female business master of PKU undergraduate, from the Imperial Capital, has more than 100 partners, has relationships with up to 10+ people, is proficient in SM, male and female, and looks beautiful.

3. A domestic non-211 undergraduate, art major, from a small city, is terrible. It is said that after sleeping the orchestra all over, of course the American men can’t tell the beauty or the ugliness of Asians.

In fact, the reason why mainland female students compare public transport is very simple

1. Those who choose to study abroad like to change, like to make breakthroughs, and like new things——" Open

2. Away from the Confucian cultural circle, there is no sexual repression -" Began to pay attention to sex

3. Stay away from your family and need emotional comfort-"Start to find love

4. China’s previous relative poverty caused girls to like to marry foreigners, while foreigners know that mainland women are easy, they will try more, and if they try more, girls will give up-"Vicious circle

5. Evolution makes females like to choose relatively rare gene combinations-"has a natural liking for foreigners

[Wind of Seven Oceans]: Why is my life of studying abroad still a stand-alone version...
[Assassin faction]: It seems reasonable, but it's actually a J8 egg. Compared with the tuition fee, the money for renting a house is just a fraction. Also, there are many ways to relieve loneliness. For example, Dio Si chooses to use a tube to soothe her emptiness, but there are also many people who go to exercise. They are very sunny and actively participate in other activities. Take a step back and talk with foreign countries. It is difficult to integrate people, but the United States and Canada are originally countries of immigrants, why should we integrate into them? Moreover, China has a large population base, and the social circle is actually not too small. Where are there no Chinese?

Where are the people with low life styles you talk about? Why target international students? Many people in China have a very strange mentality. Perhaps due to family financial reasons, they have no conditions to go abroad. Therefore, seeing foreign schools come out a little bit of inferiority, it feels that their fragile self-esteem is deeply hurt by the look of others. Then they frantically spread the rumors that the boys who study abroad are those who do not read well in the country and go out to hang around, and the girls go out to go out and go out... these are just wishful thinking of these dicks.

Also, because many girls broke up with their domestic boyfriends as soon as they left the country, they were upset. They might think that the relationship between men and women should be dry and unswerving. This is actually just wishful thinking. I always think that as one A reasonable adult should know that long-distance relationships are almost impossible. But those who suffer, they have to say that it is the nature of the international students. Some people comforted themselves by saying that they had broken their studies. In the end three people became tigers, and it was said that the students were all buses.

BTW, that friend in HARVARD, you can't spell EASY correctly! ! What numbers are still making up, what international jokes are you making! ! !
[email protected]Assassin faction]: Let’s not talk about it. I can’t stand it when I see that renting a house is just a fraction of the money. Maybe there are a lot of people going to the United States and Canada, but from my point of view in the United Kingdom and Australia, rent definitely accounts for a lot of annual expenses. A large part.

A monthly rent of 500 pounds can only live in a dormitory of a few square meters in the school. Generally, after the sophomore year, most of them go out to rent a house. It is common for a month to add 700-800 for water and electricity and other expenses, not to mention the 1000 pounds a month in London. The house is gone.

Look at problems rationally, not relying on you to spray around to find superiority. Maybe you think the people near you are the same, but it doesn't mean that all mainstream international students in the world have the same environment as you.

After the incomparable confidence, please have more understanding and humility.


This is indeed the case. I have seen it with my own eyes after staying abroad for a while, but I am sure that most of them will not catch this habit if they don't go abroad.

A couple of days ago, they wanted to introduce someone to him. They said it was a girl who had returned from studying abroad and now working in a foreign company. I asked me for advice, and I asked two things about the country where I went to study. A few points, he answered, Canada, 7 points for viewing photos. At that time, I threw a sentence, whoever went to pick up the order, and then he fully trusted me, and there was nothing with that girl.
[Dynamite]: My girlfriend will go to France for a year right away, jrs, don’t scare me.

[Agicloud]: Only Xiaoliu and OPT females from business school are like this. Female silicon workers, female code farmers, and female seniors are not as good as domestic ones.

[RIDERKICK]: I can understand, in fact, most of the people who molested you have no experience in sharing rent with girls

I have been studying in Australia for more than three years. I have been renting together with three girls. The long ones are pretty good, but I don’t feel like living together. I see them every day when they are the most unkempt. The main reason is to live with them. It is more harmonious and not contradictory and can often eat. The temptation of sharing girls in the pedestrian street is basically the feeling of another world...

[Kevinyaiba]: According to my experience, half and half are actually half and half. I have rented with a total of 5 girls. Among them, 3 of them have not had a boyfriend in foreign countries for several years. Among the other two, one of them changed diligently. All kinds of boyfriends, one uses his boyfriend as a slave
[Ghost Rain]: Why are the United States and Canada so good? Why didn’t I hear that there is a group of friends in Australia?
[Wang]: I have been in Boston for 4 years. Why have I never heard of these things? Of course, it does not mean that there are no women. Are there any women among the overseas students? There must be, but there are no such people? Is there no such college student in China? Why do you equate international students with buses? Does it matter?

Besides, women who are easy to get started are easy to get started everywhere. The tutoring is strict, and there are more students with traditional thinking. I mean, this kind of indiscriminate attack on foreign students on the pedestrian street makes no sense in terms of logic or cleaning. .

Then I made a speculation about why everyone likes to blacken international students for no reason: Most of it is out of jealousy, jealousy produces inferiority, self-comfort after inferiority, and then began to smear it.

[Diao Diao Binhe]: The main thing is the unrestrained feeling of loneliness and unfamiliar environment, which makes people who need to abide by domestic morals in some countries become casual in foreign countries, but it is only part of it, and it is also exaggerated. Going abroad are all buses.

[Evinw11]: Most people are still very serious...but those who are not serious are simply unimaginable...

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