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Swisse (Chinese name: Ruisi) was founded in Melbourne, Australia in the late 50s. It is one of the pioneers of natural medicine therapy in Australia. All clinical researches are conducted in well-known Australian universities. It uses the most scientific formula and the highest quality raw materials instead of synthetic chemical ingredients. All products are clinically certified, safe and effective. Swisse's only concern when researching product formulations is quality, never considering cost. therefore. The price of Swisse products in the Australian local market is also slightly higher than other similar products. It has a higher reputation than its main competitor Blackmores. It is the best local vitamin brand in Australia with outstanding quality. Under the strong control of the Australian Federal Medical Service, you can Take it with ease.

Health products in Australia are classified as supplementary drugs and are regulated by the Australian Drug Administration. Australia's health products have clear legal regulations to control their effectiveness and strictly regulate their manufacturing processes. Therefore, Australia's supplementary drug regulations have a leading position in the world, and its medical theory and timeliness are also world-class.


Swisse's products basically include:

1. Women's Health Series:

Women's Comprehensive Health Care Swisse Women's Ultivtite, Pregnancy Health Care Swisse Pregnancy+Ultivite, Women's Energy Enhancement Swisse Women's Power Ultivite, Female Iron Supplement ultiboost iron, 65-year-old female comprehensive health care ultivite 65+, Cranberry ultiboost high strength cranberry, Evening primrose oil ultiboost evening primrose oil, ultiboost liquid iron, menopause balance

2. Men's Health Series:

Male comprehensive health care Swisse Men's ultivite, 50-year-old male comprehensive health ultivite 50+, male energy enhancement Swisse Men's Power Ultivite, male prostate health Ultiboost prostate, 65-year-old male comprehensive health ultivite 65+

3. Children series:

Children's comprehensive health care Swisse Children's Ultivite, health care for girls around 10 years old Swisse teenage ultivite women's, health care for boys around 10 years old Swisse teenage ultivite men's, ultivite children's smart fish oil

4. Supplementary energy series:

Coenzyme ultiboost co-enzyme Q10, ultiboost absorb well co-enzyme Q10, energy supplement ultivite +energy, ultiboosthigh strength vitamin B12


5. Enhance immunity, cold and fever series:

Immune boost ultiboost immune, purple daisy cures flu ultiboost high strength Echinacea, high-strength vitamin C-a combination of radish root, garlic and vitamin C for health ultiboost high strength horseradish+ garlic+ vitamin C, ultiboost olive leaf, ultiboost high strength olive leaf extract liquid, zinc, vitamin C+ garlic, ultiboost zinc+vitamin c+ garlic, ultiboost cold sore combat, ultiboost cold sore combat, ultiboost inner balance probiotic 35 billion

6. Sleep and mood regulation series:

助睡眠 ultiboost sleep, 调节紧张情绪 ultiboost mood, 放松及睡眠 ultiboost relax & sleep,释放压力 ultiboost stress relief

7. Brain health and memory enhancement series:

Memory and concentration enhancement ultiboost memory+focus

8. Trace elements, fish oil,Shrimp oil series:

Zinc supplement ultiboost zinc+, ultiboost wild Neptune krill oil, ultiboost 4x strength wild fish oil concentrate, ultiboost odourless high strength wild fishoil, ulyiboost high strength deep sea krill oil 4mg, ultiboost 1000x strength wild krill oil + D4, ultiboost wild fish oil liquid,, ultiboost triple strength wild krill oil


9. Bone joint and muscle series:

Calcium supplement + vitamin D ultiboost calcium + vitamin D, vitamin D ultiboost vitamin D, magnesium supplement ultiboost magnesium, glucosamine ultiboost glucosamine sulfate, bone strengthening ultiboost bones

10. Digestion and addiction series:

Ultiboost liver detox, ultiboost lecithin

11. Body and beauty series:

Collagen ultiboost hair skin nails, liquid collagen ultiboost hair skin nails liquid, ultiboost grape seed, lutein ultiboost lutein+, cholesterol protection ultiboost cholesterol protect, liquid iron supplement ultiboost liquid iron

12. Weight loss series:

Hunger control ultiboost hunger control

Article reprinted from Micro Australia


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