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This year, Albert named a British prince as an Australian knight. He is also known as the most unpopular politician in Australia. However, the support rate of his government has been rising.

The latest Newspoll poll shows that in Prime Minister Albert’s hometown of New South Wales, his popularity rose to the highest level in 18 months.

According to a poll conducted by Newspoll commissioned by The Australian, the opposition leader Bill Shorten's popularity in all Australian states has continued to decline in the past three months.

The June Newspoll poll released on Tuesday morning showed that the Coalition Party is catching up. After the votes were counted, the Coalition Party and the Labor Party currently have 6% of voters' support in NSW and Western Australia.

In Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, the bipartisan support rate of the Coalition is still lower than that of the Labour Party. However, across Australia, after the vote count, the Labor Party’s support rate of national voters is 53%, and the Coalition Party’s support rate is 47%.


At present, in the minds of voters in NSW, Prime Minister Albert is still their prime minister of choice. Satisfaction with him has also risen by 10%. In June, the biggest change among voters was in NSW.

联盟党在新州获得的首轮票选支持率跃升至18个月来的最高峰 42%。这也是联盟党在全国各州中获得的最高首轮票选支持率。与此同时,工党在新州的首轮票选支持率暴跌5%至34%,绿党升至13%。

In Western Australia, in the first quarter of this year, the Coalition’s support rate in this former stronghold plummeted to a 14-year low. The support rate in the first round of the vote remained flat, rising only 1% to 39%. But the Labor Party was almost beaten back to its original shape, and the support rate in the first round of the vote plummeted 6% to 31%. The support rate of the Green Party rose by 3% to 16%, while the support rate of independent parliamentarians and other candidates rose by 2% to 14%. This means that 30% of Western Australian voters do not support any major party.



The prime minister’s net satisfaction rate among male voters is negative 19%, compared to Shorten’s negative 22%. Among female voters, Albert had a negative 20%, and Shorten had a negative 14%.

News compiled from "The Australian"


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