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After the government’s anti-terrorism legislative measures were leaked out of the ordinary, Prime Minister Albert also adopted a different response and publicly discussed a cabinet meeting.

Last Sunday, Albert said that the deprivation of the nationality of Australians involved in terrorist activities received “overwhelming” support from the Cabinet at the Cabinet meeting last Monday.

The Prime Minister told reporters in Sydney that at the cabinet meeting last Monday night, they discussed the nationality law amendment. The vast majority of members of the Cabinet agree with the draft amendments to the Nationality Law that everyone is seeing now. He said that the Federal Government’s position on this issue is very clear and clear, and in turn questioned the opposition’s position on the draft amendment to the Nationality Law.

Generally speaking, all previous opposition parties have aligned with the government on national security issues and endorsed the national security bill introduced by the government.

But this time, the opposition parties have questions about the federal government’s tightening of the nationality law, fearing that it will be too tight.

反对党律政事务发言人戴福斯(Mark Dreyfus)表示,由于还没有真正看到该法案的详情,工党对政府取缔澳洲人的国籍有几个问题要问,包括吊销双重国籍澳人公民身份的依据为何,由谁确立,谁有权利剥夺澳人国籍,是法庭审批还是移民部长,在什么情况下可以吊销澳洲公民的国籍身份,在澳洲境内能否吊销本国公民的国籍,还是只是在海外执行。

He said that the cornerstone of Australian Nationality and Citizenship Law should be to ensure that no Australian will be revoked by his government and become stateless.

Albert also told reporters yesterday that the government will have safeguards and decided to deprive him of citizenship and will undergo judicial review. He also said that to ensure that Australian citizens, no one will become stateless.

绿党国会领袖迪纳塔莱(Richard Di Natale)认为,取缔澳洲公民的国籍并不会让澳洲各社区更加安全。

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