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In daily driving, stumbling and stumbling are inevitable. Although it will not cause too much damage to the body, it will still leave a lot of annoying scratches. What's more annoying is that it gives people the impression of "bad driving skills"...

However, you can't just go to a 4S shop for this scratch!

Of course, you don't need to go to the 4S shop and teach you a few tricks. You can DIY and easily fix the scratches on the body without even two dollars!

Method XNUMX: Rub with toothpaste to remove minor scratches

Wash the scratches with clean water and dry, then slightly damp the towel, apply toothpaste on the towel, and wipe the scratches vigorously. Basically, as long as a slight wipe, the shallow scratches and some scratches on the paint residue will be wiped away immediately.


This method has an immediate effect when dealing with the paint left over from other vehicles when scratched with other vehicles. Most of them can be wiped cleanly, but the scratches are too deep to deal with.

Method XNUMX: Apply nail polish and make up the same color car paint

Clean the scratched area with water and dry it. Choose nail polish of the same color as the body color and apply it evenly on the scratch.

Using nail polish to touch up paint:


After finishing paint:


Always keep a bottle of nail polish in the car that can be used in time. Apply the nail polish to the slight scratches before going out, and let it dry before driving out. It only takes a minute or two to give yourself as much as possible. A kind of protection for car.

Wait, here are some simple tricks to teach you how to "beautify" your car!

1. 以肥皂清洗真皮座椅

The specific method is: soak in warm water with a clean soft towel, apply an appropriate amount of soap evenly on the towel, and then gently wipe the seat (the folds can be wiped repeatedly). At this time, if the towel becomes dirty, it proves that the decontamination has a significant effect. After wiping the soap, ventilate and dry, and wipe it twice with a damp towel without soap after washing. This method decontaminates, and the leather is clean and fluffy, fresh as ever. This method also applies to plastic parts at door trims and dashboards. The reason is that soap (scented soap) has strong decontamination and no irritation to human skin, and it is more practical for dermis.

2. 以风油精去不干胶贴

The various certificates attached to the windshield glass after the vehicle trial are extremely difficult to remove. Coat the back of the self-adhesive sticker with oily essence (a little thicker), wipe it off with a dry cloth and leave no trace after a while. This method is applicable to self-adhesive trademarks pasted on various commodities. The reason is that Fengyoujing can melt the active ingredients of the self-adhesive. If there is no wind oil, toothpaste can also be substituted, but the effect is slightly less.

3. 滑石粉化解门封条沾结

After the rain, the car door seal is wet and sticks to the paint, and the door does not open smoothly accompanied by a "creak" sound. You can apply a handful of talcum powder (or prickly heat powder for children) on the rubber seam inside the door, the symptoms will disappear, open and close freely, and there will be no sound. This method is suitable for the abnormal noise of the door seal of the refrigerator and freezer at home.


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