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Many people like to say "fill up!" when they go to refuel, usually after the gun is jumped, the refueler will continue to refuel the fuel tank in order to round up the whole number.

But do you know?

It is dangerous to fill the gas tank too much, you and your car have to be scrapped!

Ms. Wang from Hangzhou went to the gas station to refuel. The staff asked if it was full. She said it should be full. When the oil gun jumped off, the meter showed that it was 135.79 yuan, and the gas station staff added more to it to make up 140 yuan. After refueling, Ms. Wang's family drove to buy a computer. Go back to the parking lot in half an hour,There was gasoline leaking on the ground under the car, and the gasoline smell was very strong on the spot.

Ms. Wang said: “I’m so scared. My husband likes smoking. He usually smokes two packs of cigarettes a day. After smoking in the car, he just threw the cigarette butts out of the car. He caught a cold that day. Let him smoke,It's also a shame that he didn't smoke, or he would cause a catastrophe! "

After the car repairer came,As soon as you twist the cap of the fuel tank, the gasoline inside spills out, He quickly closed the fuel tank cap. Ms. Wang also hurriedly turned off the car, told someone to push the car away from the gasoline, and ran outside to remind other cars not to come over for the time being.If there is a little spark, the car must be burning!It took about ten minutes before the repairman opened the fuel tank cap. There was still a lot of gasoline leaking out of it, which was terrible! The repairman said yesBecause the fuel tank was overfilled, the oil overflowed.

Don't fill up too much!

1. Easy to cause fire

In order to prevent the volume of gasoline from expanding and breaking the fuel tank, a vent hole is designed on the top of the fuel tank. If the fuel is overfilled, the gasoline will easily overflow from the vent. No matter if the gasoline is wasted, if the spilled gasoline encounters an open flame (such as smoking), it is prone to fire, and the loss can be huge! If the car is destroyed, it will even threaten the safety of life! !

2. It is easy to cause the vent to be blocked

Once the vent is blocked, negative pressure will be generated in the fuel tank, resulting in poor fuel supply or even no fuel supply. The car's engine does not catch fire just after refueling, or it jumps one after another when driving at high speed, which may be caused by the fuel tank being filled too much.

3. Dangerous to the carbon canister

What enters the canister is gasoline liquid instead of gasoline vapor, which poses a hazard to the canister. Carbon canister is a device to reduce gasoline evaporative emissions in automobile fuel tanks and carburetors. The life of a normal carbon canister should be more than 5 kilometers, but it should be scrapped immediately after being immersed in oil!

4. Gasoline volatilization is easy to cause cancer

The activated carbon canister is generally close to the air inlet of the outer circulation. When the fuel is too full, the saturation pressure of the canister is too large and the pressure is released to exhaust. The air containing gasoline enters the cabin, and the uncomfortable "gasoline smell" always surrounds you. . The composition of oil and gas has been confirmed to contain carcinogens such as benzene. If you refuel the car like this every time, how high do you think your chances of getting cancer are?

Article reprinted from Modern Express


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