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Who said that the increase could not stop? Darwin's house prices have fallen to the bottom and no one cares. The seller's market has become a buyer's market!

Since last year, Darwin's house prices have been falling. Real estate experts said that now Darwin's house prices have fallen to the bottom and it is entirely a buyer's market.

Glenn Grantham, Darwin's general manager of Raine and Horne, said that in his opinion, Darwin's house prices have plummeted, and there are no interested buyers for houses that were able to sell a year ago. "Obviously, the asking price of houses now is much lower than 12 months ago, and the price of some houses has even dropped by 10% to 12%.

Grantham, who has been in the real estate industry for more than 20 years, said that the local real estate market is now very favorable for buyers. "Our current situation is that if the seller is determined to sell, you can get a big deal. I think that Darwin's current house prices have fallen to the bottom."

The data released by Core Logic RP Data confirms Grantham's statement. Data shows that Darwin's house prices have fallen by 2014% since May 5. But this one shows that house prices in Darwin increased by 2% in May, a quarterly increase of 5%. But Grantham was skeptical. He believes that actual sales figures are not enough to prove the status quo of the Darwin market.

News compiled from "Perth Now"


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