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The annual Vivid Sydney Vivid Sydney Light and Music Festival has been grandly opened. Every night, Sydney will transform into a fantasy wonderland. What is the excitement of this beautiful and moving sound and light feast? Don't worry, I will show you right away!

From Sydney Opera House (Opera House) to Harbour Bridge (Harbour Bridge)

Lighting the Sails, the largest light show looping on the outer wall of the Sydney Opera House, is the most shocking embodiment of the perfect combination of lighting, music and creativity!0-14During Vivid Sydney, passengers can also climb the Harbour Bridge at night, and the staff will prepare flash vests for them as part of the entire light show.


From Customs House (Customs House) to Martin Place (Martin Place)

The sandstone facade of the customs building presents a spectacular new look3DProjection performance.


Martin Place joined last yearVivid Sydney, The scene uses top-level lighting technology with the latest interactive experience lighting to present a soft and romantic scene.

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From water dance light show to creative exhibition

Darling Harbour isVivid SydneyOne of the most important viewing spots, the famous water dance performance will continue last year's excitement, bringing the audience a gorgeous water dance light show.


During the event, travelers can experience various interesting lighting games and creative exhibitions all over Sydney for free. The lights and shadows complement each other, magical and interesting!


From The Rocks to the Museum of Contemporary Art

The rock area is best for late-night treasure hunting, and you can also enjoy the performances of street artists while feasting.


In addition, there are various music performances in the Rocks area every night, including indie music, pop music, rock music and even classical music. Hi every night!

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Museum of Modern ArtAlso joined the ranks of colorful colors.


From now to the scene

With the opening of the 2015 Vivid Sydney Light and Music Festival, its official festival application APP has also been launched in China. Everyone can enjoy a feast of creative vision by simply sliding their fingertips. Come and try!

The Android and iOS downloads are as follows:


使用 APPScan the picture below to see the wonderful images of Sydney's iconic buildings!

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Article reprinted from Tourism Australia, edited by "Chinatown"


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