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Australia is a magical continent, with rich and weird animals, as well as stupid native Australians.

Maybe you haven't got used to the weather here, maybe you can't be calm when facing spiders and snakes. But in Australia, you have to learn to face these 12 painful and confusing things. . .

1. In Australia, you have to admit that this man who has chest hair and is stupid from time to time is the boss of this country. .


2. Being in Australia, you need to deal with the weird weather that just changes. . .


3. In Australia, you can hear magical accents wherever you go. . .


4. When I am in Australia, Christmas is always in summer, and people in Turkey seem to look forward to a white Christmas. . .


(This is not fair!)

5. In Australia, if you don't try Weet-Bix, Milo and Vegemite, then you are simply here for nothing. .


(I can't eat this thing...)

6. In Australia, although you used Netflix in the end, you will find that your favorite shows are not on it. .


7. And the internet speed is not enough for Netflix. . . .


(Why do bad things always happen to good people?)

8. In Australia, when the latest episode of the TV series you are chasing comes out, you need to have great self-control to resist the spoilers before you can see what you want to watch next week.


(I don't like to keep waiting)

9. When you are in Australia, you must learn to get used to the pictures below when watching videos. . .


(The depositor of the video did not include your country as a supported viewing, sorry)

10. When you are in Australia, you often encounter this situation when you shop online. . .


(We do not mail to Australia)

11. Being in Australia, you don't need to have a cool English name, anyway, everyone will call you MATE in the end. . .


12. Being in Australia, you never know if your environment is safe. . .


(This is Australia, in this picture there are 1275 animals that can kill you)


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