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Either give me love, or give me money, or give me money. ——Ganny Tongue


The deleted person once had hundreds of pages of chat transcripts of free conversations, and people who did not say hello on the street used to be tired of being together all day long, and the person who scolded you like a dog behind his back may have been your best friend. , The people around you are always changing a relationship and sometimes it breaks quietly, but it makes people caught off guard. In fact, the people are almost the same, the freshness and enthusiasm disappear very quickly, and some people will come.


Those that are unspeakable, those who have nowhere to ask for help, those who are deeply buried in their hearts, and those who have been filled with silence and smiles, will be surging.


The name diaosi is a self-deprecating young man who is struggling. As for those young people who are not enterprising, use "I am Diaosi" as an excuse for failure, and have no goodwill towards the world, they are not qualified to call themselves Diaosi. Because Diosi will eventually have a counterattack day, but the fool does not have that day. -Called Beast Yi Xiaoxing


It is said that drinking should not be more than six points drunk, eating should not be more than seven points full, and lovers should not be more than eight points of love. But most people often get drunk, eat to support, and then love to become stupid. The end is vomiting, growing a lot of meat, and being abandoned. So, don't sleep too late, don't love too much, I hope you are beautiful and free and easy.


Don't deal with any relationship problems coldly, whether it's with family or lovers. Ask when you have doubts, admit when you have mistakes, and tell him if you want. Many things become fuzzy after enduring it, and it is obviously not a misunderstanding but also a misunderstanding. Don't think that those problems will be resolved in the time of patience, it will only explode over time, giving you a result that you cannot bear.


The calmness and calmness of the present are mostly the result of the silly B and innocence in the past!


Article reproduced from Visual Journal


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